It's been 4hours! rage rage

Sure you’ve never played on a pre-patch or just after one patch release. I’ve played from Cataclysm to Shadowlands and many patches received emergencial corrections on the first week after launch and/or had queue problems like we had on NW.

I can do RL chores without getting worry for my game farming lol

You do if there’s game/economy breaking bugs/exploits.
You do if they all access a shared service.

Australia is online, we can fill them queues :wink:

Не совсем адекватно что они так долго делают это все, можно было все сделать ночью в таком случае

Lets get reeeeaaaaaddddddyyyyyy toooooo rrrrruuuuummmmbbbllllleeeeeee

Ill hop on this as its productive!

  1. You dont! Nothing is more valuable then live data - majority of that cannot be “simulated” either. Now i dont work in a MMO setting but i do deal with Massive datacenters and migration of data. All i can chime in about it is, majority of the time your hardware/network isnt the root cause of the issue - a simple period in a line of code can really throw a wrench in any techincal patch, update or code rewrite… then trying to FIND that error is even longer and worse.

2)A complete pull down of server, update to latest version and bringing it back is really the only good situation of doing it. I dont think its in practice too much in the real world, but updating a separate data cluster of servers for a game to reflect Rev 1.0 while another data cluster of server run off the previous Rev .90, managing players, routing players to server shards, backing up etc… its a lot to handle. While yeah in theory it can be done, its expensive to run and manage. This is why most games have a closed QA test server, or a Live test server for changes before going live.

  1. i kinda understand your question but it feels like more of a statement than an inquire so i dont know how to answer it.

A LOT of people who use computers THINK they know how everything is run but in reality massive data centers are no where near the same setup or quality, just like their home/work network is nothing along the lines of a massive MMORPG service being ran 24/7.

Apples are not oranges

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Servers around the world are beginning to load up.

:sleeping: Yes I have. whatever. Im just saying starting from 06 would be a better option.

okay I might have been smarmy and rhetorical, you got me on q3 :wink:

I was simply trying to make the poster think about what he’s saying in the context of a 100k user MMORPG that just launched.

Servers are back. I’m in the game already.


They bringing AP and Europe online first it looks…

Yeah can confirm that. EU and AP are showing some white servers. YAY

italy is up

I completed 6 household faction missions.

And remembered what a shower felt like.

Win, Win.


goddamn it. Urdarbrunn, Vanaheim Tau still showing under maintenance :sleepy:

I work with fintechs, millions of transactions and users.
And it’s about money… so when I have a bug, it’s a “customer money issue” , not just a bug.

  1. Perfomance environment, mass of data
  2. Instances, Instances and Instances
  3. When it comes a Enterprise level, there’s no excuse, this is not a private Lineage 2 server that I build 10 years ago, it’s a professional team with AWS infrastructure.

4. It’s fucking AWS we are talking dude, they invented the stuff we use to ensure the avalability to our services

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot

It’s a statement, not questions.
I admire your patience :rofl:

But are you an AWS (Amazon Web Services) developer that can smoothly launch hundreds of instances, internationally, on the first try after a patch and then if something(s) unexpected happens fix it within a few hours?

Hopefully, they learned something to help smooth out the next patch.