It's easy to solve 99% of game issues, just follow the script

First of all, I must state, I’m all against any kind of advantage, either paid or game given. I might steal some mechanics from other games to make it more dynamic. So with that out of the table let’s start the game overhaul that will let any other MMO to flies.

1-remove any kind of artificial bonuses like luck buff on pvp players, don’t hate me for that but to make game balanced for everyone this is needed.
2-Wars are essential part of the game, but some changes are needed such as perimeters to keep it from be taken. So here are few steps to provide a real challenge:
-from Ragnarok Online 2 features: an empty fortress must be filled with monsters guarding it from being taken. Fortress will be divided in 4 protection points where shall be gates to be destroyed to get access to the next area, such gates should be the only way in to next area, until a group reach the center of the fortress where you will have a stone to break with high HP. This will require more group efforts, while few break such stone, few others must prevent other companies to reach the room. Once the first hit was placed in such stone, the company doing this will have a time limit to break that stone, otherwise everyone will be teleported out of the fortress and mobs will respawn. If the company succeed to break that stone, everyone else from other companies will be teleported out of the fortress and can immediately start attacking it with the difference that instead of mobs they will fight players. To prevent that, the current company owning the fortress must repair the gates they broke and build other defenses which will require some materials. This war will last for some time (let’s say one hour), once this time expire the current company that conquered the fortress will be able to invest on it and have a special dungeon which will drop unique treasures (not resources)
-now the tricky part. To increase fortress / settlement investment and by that increasing crafting stations, pvp players (or pve if they wish to), will have to prevent invasions. By closing invasion portals, a breach will open that will lead them if they enter to a instanced map where multiple servers might connect, and you will have pvp always on(stole from Aion). Main objective will be kill other players which will drop a new currency that just for the sake of demonstration we will call “killnut”. Killing one player will drop 1 killnut and the dead player will respawn in a safe zone near the portal of the instanced map, allowing such player to either go fight again or to return to his/her server. If you kill same player in less than an hour will drop nothing to avoid exploits. All around the map you will find killnut ore that might be refined on the fortress on proportion of 4:1. Each fortress progress will require like 50 killnuts to proceed, so this will keep plenty of pvpers occupied. Killnut ore nodes will not be hit dependent, meaning, if a player fails to harvest it in one go, it will reset to it’s prime state.
3-breaches will have an hour opened, when timer is about to expire, players will be warned to return to their respective portals, failing to accomplish that, will trigger a random gear break. By leaving or being expelled from a breach, pvp will be turned off by default and if player wants to re-enable it, will have to look for a settlement or a shrine. Once the breach closes, players must re-do invasions to trigger another, so this will bring a good co-op between pve and pvp.

Opinions, suggestions, addons or take offs are welcome. Disruptive criticism offenses I’ll pass.

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