It's official, currently no plan to merge servers... anytime soon

“We know that there has been a lot of discussion about future server transfer tokens and merges. At this time, the team is still in discussion on how these will work but once we know, we will provide information in the Official News channel.”

Many of us were hoping/expecting server merger information would be forthcoming this week, with a December deployment. Based upon this official announcement, that merger plans are still under discussion, that hope of a 2021 merger time frame has been dashed.

This is extremely disappointing news… Many of us are on servers where OPR’s wait times exceed 8 hours without a single game, can’t sell any items on trading posts (no customers), can’t find groups for Expeditions, and are forced to solo chest runs… with occasional once every few days big group 7-10 people doing a run. A server with only 100 (even 200) people actively playing is a dead server. Too many of the game system require player interaction of some kind.

I appreciate NW Developers, especially after their recent self inflected wound, want to get server mergers right the first time.

However we need some help now…

I suggest NW Developers immediately turn on storage shed access from one town, allowing players to sort, transfer and move their inventory for free, regardless of faction ownership. This quality of life feature has no downside, systems already implemented to allow for this in game… it is just flipping a switch.

While it won’t solve a low population server, it will help to reduce the impact caused by a low population server, such as harder, to gain Azoth & Gold and allow for transfer and storage to occur until mergers happen.


Very sad and short sighted if this is true. A few weeks ago they sounded imminent, honestly don’t believe my server or company and hence myself will last much longer.

Seems like the plan is to save them the trouble of working on it by forcing people to use their transfer tokens.

If I read that right it sounds like they haven’t even begun working on it, just kicking ideas around.

They had plenty of time to plan it and should be well on way to implementation.


How do you transfer a mule to your main world unless its on a new account?

If that is such a big problem then why not put it so only lvl 60 characters can transfer?

Golddupes and numerous other dupes already messed up economy so who cares if someone spent xhour farming material to bring to another server…


Our whole company saved transfer tokens so we will just migrate to high pop server. Too bad for people who used their tokens to migrate to their friends etc. and now they are stucked on a dead servers.

Its a bit dissapointing.

If they have problems with merges they should provide another transfer token so people can leave these dead servers and migrate to bigger ones to be able to play the game.


Yeah I used my token to move from a dead server and found a nice guild but now they are talking about moving so then I will be stuck on a halfdead server…

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I wonder how many developers are working on this game, it’s unbelievable that something as crucial as server merge is not developed in parallel with the bugfixes.
whatever, I remember the first few days where people were saying that mega-servers suxx. well here we are with a plethora of dead servers.


My best guess is, they wanted to come up with a System for merging Servers which doesnt make the Community raging about loosing territories and compensate companies.

People seem to believe its an super easy Task to merge, but with the whole territory owning Systems in place …

Its a guaranteed uproar no matter what AGS comes up with, there is no way around someone loosing something.

Should the Main Server stay like it is now and the merged Servers loose all their territories? → Mad Special snowflakes will rage.

Should the Main Server loose some territorial control, giving the merging companies at least one of their territories? Main Server crowd will rage.

With the entitelment and ignorance some people showing on the Forums … I wouldnt want to be the one who makes this decision just to get chased down by a raging Mob.



Biggest issues with being on a low population server is too many of NW game mechanics require a healthy population to function “as intended”.

With azoth being harder to come by on a low population server, you travel less…

With gold being harder to come by on a low population server, repair costs can cripple you… you can actually run out of money repairing your gear.

Interim solutions required IF server mergers are really not happening until sometime in 2022


What do you mean an economy cant function with only 70 players?
AGS have never thought about the consequences to a single one of their actions and I don’t think they ever will. it’s all knee-jerk reactions to obvious exploits/bugs which everyone warned them about before they happened, but AGS had the hubris to shake their heads and say “ah but we’re Amazon we won’t make those mistakes”, before proceeding to make those mistakes and every single other mistake every single MMO made over the past 20 years. It’s an utter shambles and honestly it will be a miracle if there is any game left standing in another 6-12 months.


I agree.

Unless they start getting back on the right track soon and stabilize at 100k players, the game is going to require a full FF14 style re-launch.

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They all ready told us how the territories would work and it’s not a good system.

But with large guilds on low pop servers trying to claim all the territories simply for a financial windfall on merger day, they may be rethinking it.

Either way it’s been 3 weeks, the planning should be done at this stage, they should at least be working on it

There is also the issue of gold bot farmers being merged too. There is probably tons of bots with sheds full of materials and gold caps just drooling to ruin another server even more.

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This is true, and oh hey by the way they turned off our ability to transfer now that we’re locked into dead servers.

Well done dev team, you guys are really making excellent decisions over there…smh.

Seems like this incompetent dev team is determined to kill the game.


I know they tested mergers in beta and the PTR but some nastiness cropped up so it needs more work before it goes live. Not too worried about territory control as when servers do merge we can fight things out until a new equilibrium is reached.

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In the future, any potential server transfer token re-issues will be given only to players with active accounts at that time and we will be monitoring these closely to ensure they are used to transfer established characters.

AHAHAHA, the only thing THAT’s active are some diehards and especially BOTS. So they’re basically handing out free tokens especially to bots since those are on 24/7.
But don’t you dare to go on a holiday for a week or you might be left out boyy

They don’t even intend to do any merge. Just look at the overall chart for all servers

There’s like 15 servers WORLDWIDE with a healthyish population. While over 250 are literally dead or dying with less than 300 players DURING PEAKS.
And the ONLY reason they’re not dead YET is because people blatantly hold on for the merges.

What a joke of a company this is. Let’s see people defending this shiet.
Just give people buyable tokens after lvl 60 and that’s it, what a freaking issue holy shit. It’s like they try to make everything less convenient for the player.

People were jokingly saying “maybe they’re trying to kill the game”.
Holy shit they are tryharding asf to ruin this

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Agreed, with everything going wrong im just baffled that they would put in changes to make the game less fun. Baffled, like haven’t we suffered enough?

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Agreed that they need to work on the server merges. My server was running fine but it’s now down to 400 max on weekends and barely hitting 300 max during the week. That’s not enough for a good game.
I’m considering doing the server transfer, but worry that the server I choose will deflate like I hear some of them have. Then I’d be out of luck and stuck for good. it sounds like they don’t feel our pain.

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So what could be a Potential solution?

Instead of whining, dooming and insulting, can someone come up with an solution that at least 75% of the affected people are okay with?

I’m Not defending the Devs, but some people seem to think its easy to solve this issue, Like flipping a switch.

So what could be a better solution? Within the Framework given by core Elements.

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I suspect the problem is that the merges they have tested to date have been merging servers within the same worldset. if you look back over their posts, this is what they had planned.

However, things have got to the point now where even if you merge all worlds in most of the worldsets you will still end up with fairly low pop. I don’t think they have tested merging worldsets.

This means they have to decide whether to bring a small improvement by moving 2-3 worlds in each worlset and help us now vs testing merging whole worldsets and do it in one big hit.