It's official, currently no plan to merge servers... anytime soon

My short term solution proposed in my OP, is to enable Storage Shed’s to all be sorted, used, transferred from any town for free regardless of faction control.

This would reduce both the gold and azoth costs, which on small population servers is harder to come by.

This system already exists in the game today… there is very little new code needed to implement this, will not disrupt game balance and will be a significant quality of life improvement.

I have other ideas, of relatively easy improvements, using existing mechanics such as this suggestion, but really don’t want to wall of text bore people, so focused on one change… Developers could do immediately that would directly impact small population servers in a positive way.

I hope others will suggest, things developers can implement quickly (between now and any eventual merger) that would improve quality of life on our servers while we wait.

Another simple suggestion is to reduce all repair costs by 50-75% until we merge as on small servers where gold is harder to earn players can’t take the risk of doing expeditions dying multiple times and going broke on repair costs. Things like this that are doable … now are suggestions I hope the community rally’s around!

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Well, I get it. I don’t think this is an easy undertaking, and I honestly never thought it would happen any time soon. I just feel like they keep making decisions that push people away. So, of course, some servers are beyond dead with no hope of revival. I’m not saying this to be an asshole, but I honestly don’t know what they could do right now to solve the problem. Now, if you had asked me a month ago, I could have come up with some answers. But, right now, everything is so broken, I honestly don’t know how they’re going to fix it. People on dead servers who still want to play are just going to have to create new characters on a better server. But, nobody wants to feel like they’ve wasted hours and months on their original character just to leave it behind, so I don’t think a lot of people are going to choose to do that. It’s really the same feeling I had every time they would make a poor decisions, like turning off the Trading Post. I eventually just started feeling like they were constantly wasting my time. I don’t know how they can satisfactorily fix that at this point.

You’ll have multiple servers being merged into one …

This seems so short sighted.
Like I don’t know what would have worked better, but the answer isn’t to leave people stranded on dead servers…

I lucked out a picked a decent world to move to. I’ve even seen a queue to get in once.

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This is, unfortunately, a death sentence for the game. So many were clinging to the last hope that merges were right around the corner. This will undoubtedly destroy that the last bit of patience that many have left.

They just don’t listen to their community. I’m not sure why but it is what it is. The ride was fun while it lasted, boys.

Hmmm…the server I used to play on currently has 97 people.

And, people wonder why I couldn’t make any money.

It’s worse than not listening to their community.
They are actively making things worse for the players who do stick around and follow the rules
in the name of punishing a few bad actors.

Same vibes:

Payday is Friday though so I’ll buy a new game and some pot and put this behind me for a bit.


Right? So many of us are in this situation to begin with BECAUSE WE FOLLOWED THEIR ADVICE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

AGS during the queues: "Oh, just make a char on a low pop server and transfer later. No probs :sunglasses: "

AGS now that we’re stuck on those servers: “Deal with it.”


@Albyr I’m not saying i have a solution but they announced weeks ago how territory retention and compensation for those companies who lose territory would work. It was a poor solution but at least a solution.

I do not in any way, expect them to flip a switch and fix things. I understand if AGS had a magic wand they would wave it. I understand proper fixes take time. I have chastised others on here before for those type of expectations.

That being said if they are still in the planning stages of mergers and not actually working on it at this point. That’s a problem.

I understand after the disaster of an attempt at compensation on the EU server probably makes them reluctant to do anything.

But you can’t stand there and watch the game die a slow death because you afraid of another blunder.

A botched fix could kill the game but doing nothing will surely kill the game.

And to be honest at this point I’m sure jobs are on the line. Probably no one left in management with the balls to implement mergers. Too scared about it going wrong.

Honestly it seems like they will just keep throwing coins out and hope we take it upon ourselves to fix this issue.

Problem is the transfers using coins haven’t exactly been the smoothest experience either.

Honestly it’s starting to feel like the devs are paralyzed with fear right now

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Maybe I’m being too cynical but AGS will probably announce the merges as the servers go down so no one can make their ultimate move for money in time.

It’d be genius.

Everyone playing this game understands. That it has issues Im sure AGS understands that also! Play the game during peak hours. Until we hear something from AGS! They will merg the servers. It would be pretty dumb not to! Everyone needs to understand they are not , gonna give up on New World. We all no this is a beta release, Even if they wont admit it. Think about what is good in the game! Not dweling always what is bad!

What is there to do on a dead server? Nothing!
Can’t craft shit as all companies are giving up and all stations are being downgraded. It also cost money to do anything yet nothing is giving money. No wars, 20people in invasions if you are lucky enough that the warboard is working and you haven’t wasted several hundred AZ for nothing traveling around testing different warboards.

Doing dungeons… yea with who?

Can’t sell anything as the market is non existing, can’t even sell basic food or crafting mats.

Yeah fun stuff…


Didn’t they say they would be merging them a few Mondays ago? I clearly remember some update saying they’d be doing that and now this :smiley: They’re completely lost.

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lmao. That reminds me, I have to get some cash out of the ATM. My state has started delivering weed and they only take cash or debit cards.


So… If Amazon were to sell instant level 60 “potions” for a “reasonable” price…

I don’t think they’ll do it yet. But if it were me, I would definitely milk anyone and everyone without a second thought at this point. :slight_smile:

They should have merged even if the merges isn’t perfect. Almost everything they release is bugged some way so i don’t think working more on it will make it better.

The leveling game is fun and they recently added new low level content. Consider passing the time by making a character on a high population server like I did.

You’ll be behind in the never ending race for gear score, but that’s just it. There’s no end to it anyways. Who knows. By the time you get another guy to 60 some of the issues complained about here ad nauseum may be addressed.

Still have my token never used because I was told at the beginning I would be able to region transfer .

Thinking about this more, if they have to merge whole worldsets they have the problem that some people will have a character on each. Theyve created a right mess for themselves.

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I think that’s an excellent guess. How do people demanding merges happen yesterday imagine companies that own territories on their server are going to react when they find out they don’t have them on the new merged server?

I suspect the answer to that is that the people demanding the merges don’t care.

I think the best they will be able to do - at least initially - is merge the servers in a single worldset. You’re right, of course, that trying to merge multiple worldsets is going to be problematic.