Its time to DPS nerf!

DPS (mage,muskrat) always rank 1,2,3,4,5 in war , opr !!!

its insane !!! always !! top rank dps !!! its not fair !!!

need to reduce -30% dps dmg

Yeeees let’s make this game boring af, nerf everything ! :partying_face:


We could always just give everyone a stick and have them run OPR naked.

But I’m fairly certain someone would complain that another player’s stick was OP.

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Ofc mages will be in the top, aoe damage makes numbers.

How do I downvote this

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bro, every single weapon in the game can cause DPS… you asking for a DPS nerf? really? for all weapons? or specific ones? try to include all the weapons you want to ruin because it’s doing what it was designed to do…

Goes to war “Guys, their RPG does too much damage… why isn’t it nerffed yet?”

I’m sure you’re a healer running around and tired of being hit by a musket or fire staff

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