Its time to make PVP Requirements

QOL Change: make a change to PVP Flagging and times is should be mandatory.

  1. To farm T4/T5 Mats in Level 50+ areas ( Starmetal, Orch - Wyrewood, Ironwood - etc)
  2. To go into any group Elite Areas
  3. To go into Great Cleve , Shattered Mountain & Edengrove
  4. If you have no faction after level 20 to be able to combat bots

This will stop players from running without fear of other players to snatch up materials & nodes (I litterally see unflagged players just sitting and waiting in the same spot all day waiting for stuff to respawn to farm) or have groups clear mobs so they can snag chests (similar to above, running without fear of other players letting the groups pull mobs to get chests and materials ) It would also allow players to kill the bots that are on Macros farming materials since nothing seems to be done by the developers to remove these bots.

Everyone should be all for this… well except the unflagged players who leach from the rest of us.


They are not listening to player feedback. They are too busy reporting youtubers lol.



Merry Christmas.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

and your reason that this idea would be bad?

The premise is flawed.

Being unflagged for PvP is not leeching. It’s just playing PvE. Which is fine.

I could go on, but not getting dragged into another circle jerk here. I disagree with this idea is all I’m going to say. I’ll leave the mental masturbation to the rest of the crowd.

Merry Christmas!


Running unflagged to do quests is one thing… litterally sitting in one spot for hours on end to farm mats or running in elite areas to snag chests is not something that should be seen as “Playing PVE”

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By definition, yes…it is.

Player vs Environment. The environment is nodes that respawn at certain intervals. Yes…that is PvE.

I get it, I don’t like it either. But forcing PvP is too draconian for my tastes. Have zero problem making PvP only zones with an abundance of mats kicking about for incentives to go…but not just making every T4/5 zone mandatory PvP.

To each their own though. I don’t like the idea. People are not leeching off PvP players by farming nodes.


The original spirit of this game is a lot closer to mandatory PvP than what we have now, which is a bot sitting in the same spot for weeks to farm his personal node.

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I understand that. And in ways I agree…

But the original spirit of the game is not what we have today. It has morphed. Rightly or wrong is completely irrelevant.

If you want to live in the past and cling to what could have been, by all means do so. But the reality is you have a mix of players now. What ‘was’ is irrelevant. You have pve players who enjoy the game too. Are you saying ‘fuck them’ we want it our way?

This is what I mean about mental masturbation. What ‘was’ is no longer what ‘is’ so what is the point? To spin around in circles to come to the obvious conclusion: different opinions?

As stated above, all in favor of specific zones PvP only but not putting a mandatory PvP requirement for all T4/T5 zones. Covers all bases imho.

No one is ‘leeching’ anything of PvP players.
That’s not at all what’s happening here.

In any event, imho it is too draconian and I don’t agree. We could spin all day or simply say ‘Merry Christmas’ to each other and agree to disagree.

I choose that :slight_smile:


Nah, instead of allowing anyone to freely queue up for Outpost Rush, Players need to go open world PvP for hours on end just to collect up enough materials to craft an Outpost Rush Orb just like us PvE players have to farm for hours on end just to craft an orb to enter an expedition. That would balance the two out! :slight_smile:


im not saying that unflagged are leeching from pvp players they are leeching from all players… I am litterally watching people in area chat argue with each other about being in a farming area first … and im sitting here flagged telling them if they were flagged they could fight it out to see who gets the mats when they repop

Don’t act like you ever flag solo. I’m willing to bet you flag only when your in a gank group. Get over it


yeah, not for this. It is annoying to have an unflagged person follow my group into shattered mines and mine the ore while we kill things. But my server has a company in another faction that constantly griefs players. Since merge ive seen them camp players for long periods of time in groups of 10-20 people. Your suggestions would allow them to grief players without the player having any options of playing the game. There is degenerate play on both sides of this argument.


You are comparing a pvp activity that sometimes takes double the amount of time - and double effort most of the time. For very little rewards - to a dungeon that provides what 280 gold per boss and actual WM upgrades?

A pve player doing pve content is not leeching.

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It was an accident relax.

Simple fix… make PvP servers.

OPR is akin to Instanced Dungeons in the ways of … being instanced for one, separated from the overall game world; for two one is PvP oriented, the other is PvE oriented, and for three; for a game where the devs say PvP and PvE are supposedly equals, us PvE players that get forced into PvP through the stupid PvE Loot Luck on flagging as well as being locked out of instanced dungeons without grinding portals, crafting and many other things whereas PvP players can simply go talk to an NPC, queue up and as long as there’s enough players, OPR can be chain run back to back to back to back without consequence. Dungeons, however have the consequence of requiring a stupid tuning orb just to enter. So of course I’m comparing the two, they’re just about equivalent in function. Also, you can actually get WM upgrades from your OPR chesticle, so I don’t want to hear that red herring again.

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