It's what it's right now

I wonder how devs really do it, every single patch it becomes more and more laggy, more bugs and broken mechanics, rapier went unplayable, it’s not about nerf, it’s about bugs, on uncontrolable fletche that never stops where u want it to stop, broken evade directory, riposte that works not properly, and those light attacks character does by itself etc. people are teleporting in duels and openworld PvP, balance changes in PvP u have done don’t take a place since PvP is dead rn, it’s full of lags, everyone suffering, noone can enjoy it, I am one of those players who was online 24/7 and keen on nw, but patience is not endless and it was the last call for me, I don’t feel like waiting for the next update to some of the bugs to get fixed anymore, after every single patch we have to wait for the update to get the insane bugs to get lil bit fixed and game become at least playable. I don’t want to be rude, don’t want to be toxic, but we can’t understand who is developing this game, who makes the patchnotes and balance changes. We always wait for the next patch to come out and insane lags get fixed with the new patch but it never happens, moreover we are getting more and more bugs and broken mechanics after every single patch, devs make this game dead and can’t see that, devs don’t feel how players feel right now, and don’t feel the game at all, it makes sense and I personally don’t believe anything will change in nearest future, I am feed up as a lot of other players who quit. As I told it was a last call for me, and I not gonna eat that anymore, GL HF.

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