I've been really enjoying working my way through all the content in New World

I’ve been really enjoying working my way through all the content in New World…once or twice. Going to every region. Tackling every point of interest. I’ve appreciated each expedition for what it is and the challenges of each. Sometimes we fail and have to try them again to get through. It’s been a little irritating that a lot of the missions send me to the same zones multiple times. But ok, fine, the map can only be so big. I’ll forgive them for a little recycling of content. It’s a beautiful map and I’ve enjoyed it all and been a big supporter.

And I understand that a lot of people like to farm areas and that the gs hwm requires that. Hey, if that’s how you like to min max, that’s cool. You do you. I’ve preferred to gather, craft, make gold by selling my wares, and then buy or craft the gear I’m lacking for the more challenging areas, which has been a MASSIVE grind in itself, taking just as long (I’ve played nearly every day since launch).

But, HOLY CRAP, what today’s dev blog is telling me is that the only way I’m going to play the game, if I care at all about progression, is to grind expeditions and other high level areas hundreds of times. I’m sorry devs, as much as I’ve liked your world building, it’s not that good that I need to do it over and over and over again. Maybe I haven’t played enough mmos, but I’ve never played a game that made me repeat the same content a hundred times. That is definitely not what I’m here for, and if that is truly what is happening, many other games are calling.

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You sound like a more solo oriented player. This update doesn’t seem friendly towards that playstyle.

I’m governor of a small company and we group up throughout the week when needed for expeditions and other challenging bits. We’re mature folk with jobs and kids, so it may take a week or two to get a full crew together for an expedition. We’re often in voice in discord when we’re on together, even when we are doing solo stuff. But when we get through a dungeon we’re good with it. We’ve ticked that box. Give us more. But why would we want to go back and do it a hundred more times?


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