Jan update looks awful

If your crafting and expertise systems weren’t already convoluted enough now your adding new shards to take GS to 625. Why?
All your end game stuff is lacklustre copy and paste places/enemies which are locked behind crafting keys which cant even be sold without having to jump through hoops and expose yourself to being ripped off.
Then PvP, it’s even worse than the PvE end game stuff, nothing but lag, desync, awful anims with in built 0.5-1 second pasues at the end, exploitable anim cancels being left on certain weapons/anims but not others.
End game, PvP and Crafting all need massive overhauls to make them actually fun. Convoluted, buggy, full of lag/latency, poorly designed systems are not fun. Literally the only game system that is done anywhere near acceptable is the gathering.
But hey, rather than make the systems fun and engaging lets just let them go from 600 to 625, that’ll fix everything right? right?
Unfortunately not seeing anything about the next update that makes me want to log back in now or even then.
I guess it’s back to waiting for Ashes of Creation to be the saviour we were all hoping for in the MMO genre.



Give us NEW content not rewashed WoW bullshit mutation = mythic plus. But even before then FIX bugs (rubber banding) and give us a SMOOTH gameplay experience.

Remove bots.

Rework war.

Adjust tax revenue.

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