January Monthly Update BUG LIST!

  1. Global chat is not working, I mean… only Area and Recruitment chat is working
    1.5. You can’t trade with trade window because of point 1. ‘You have to be level 10 bla bla’
  2. Selling at trade post is not working
  3. Storages are always full
  4. 50% times: Now you can’t see if you selling something. There is no +XXX gold information.
  5. 50% times: Items are not stacking when you moved something to your equipment from storage
  6. You need all items to creating item, if they are in storage it’s not counting
  7. Amazon removed crafting of all legendery items:




Just in case. Known Issues - January Monthly Release 2022

Honestly, what the hell is this list. This amount of (known) bugs is just ridiculous.


Oh yea… Very short list of bugs


There are some repeats and “bugs” that aren’t actually bugs but just reported as such and they put them on the list so people know they know.

But yea long list

yes its bug for all server

Lifestyle Quests cant be activated ( Server Aaru ) in Cutlass Keys…

@Kay helllo!!! no on can trade or do anything because we are all not 72 hours old like come on…

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Jesus christ! lol. That list is crazy long lmao. like wow.

This list looks longer than the patch update…


its a total s… show.

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I have 3 people out of 5 in my laz crashing every 5-6 minutes.

Storage is not working… its always full… even when the status bar says its half full or empty :slight_smile: Also you cant craft from storage…

Please do a emergency maintenance and fix the problem, ty :slight_smile:

Crafting Diamond Gypsum into an orb crashed my game.

Might be easier to list whats working instead lol.


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I believe there is also a bug with either the Chef Armor set or Armor Crafting bonuses. Crafted a couple hundred hearty meals multiple times and received 0-5 extra output.

I’ve never received extra when crafting hearty meals. Thought that was how it was, because I have always received nearly double the amount of all other foods…and I do t have the chef’s shirt…as I’ve never seen it.

I mean either way, why would T5 food be excluded from crafting bonus? Makes no sense to me.

I just checked the January bug megathread. It’s incredible how much bugs went live I really don’t understand. Bug megathread post is longer than January patch post. I have little to no hope left

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