January Patch and Endgame

Rant, TLDR at the bottom.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Dev Team for creating a game with so much potential. I love the game just like everyone else in this forum, but we are all tired and frustrated with the cluelessness and carelessness of AGS’s leadership. The proposed update is so far off the mark it’s incredible someone had the audacity to post it. It is apparent the ones pushing this update are extremely removed from the player base, the game, and gaming in general.

There is so much to enjoy in New World… The player base isn’t depleting due to lack of content, the player base is depleting due to players being FORCED into doing things they do not enjoy! The current systems in place make “progressing” after level 60 a chore. I have to get a gypsum from OPR, and from portals, oh and a topaz gypsum, and I have to refine materials to get another…. I speak for everyone when I say F*** that.

Maybe I just want to play OPR, why can’t I get all my daily gypsum from OPR? Sure you can get creative and make it more difficult to get all your dailies from one activity (have to get 500 pts, farm a brute, 3 wins, etc) the different gypsum all do the same thing anyways, so why can’t we get them doing what we enjoy in game?

People do not want to come home from work, school, or whatever and hop on new world to be forced into the same rotation each day because AGS’s inept leadership wants them to.

Some players enjoy PvP, some enjoy PVE, some enjoy farming, but ALL players enjoy seeing their expertise increase, because EXPERTISE IS THE END GAME. You didn’t force us into one path to level 60, why are you forcing your player base down one path to max expertise?

Stop making expertise a chore, fix the blatant bugs (Movement bug, desync, + other glaring issues you can find after skimming your forum for 5 minutes) and your player base will return.

TL:DR leveling 0-60 was an open world adventure, leveling expertise 500-590 is a monotonous chore. Listen to your player base and the game will come back to life.

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The player base would like to reach max expertise and maybe get some legendaries before you increase GS. Too soon!

We want bugs fixed, bot gone, and a smooth gameplay.

Wars need to be reworked. Tax revenue need to be adjusted, refunds are in order.

Yep. That is an excellent way to express the concerns of most players.

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