January PTR changes look terrifyingly bad

To the average player:

-All gear nerfed down to expertise level scaling

-Everything under 600 un-upgradable and now worthless

-No priority or urgency to fix combat desync/OPR/weapons

-More Orbs to grind.

-Housing taxes going back up

Players are quitting because of updates like this. Nothing to look forward to, game made harder/less rewarding with every patch while combat bugs/bots/inflation/mega-companies run rampant.

Down, down, down.


There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.

You have some valid concerns but New World is one of the most popular games on the entire steam platform.


Oh yeah, the steam charts are a misleading graphic but holidays saw a bump and now the downtrend is continuing. Just slowly, but it is there.

I have played many MMOs and every single one that added this latest direction by AGS to NW as well as ignoring easy QoL stuff… has always slid down into a niche MMO population. Even good ones because they were poorly managed. NW is solid but these kinds of changes will reduce the player population.

So, what happens when NW is around 50k or less? Will it continue to be worked on? Or will they just let it slowly die via token patches and updates? Maybe a P2W cash shop, that usually happens at some point.

I am not hopeful. It is a bummer.


The game is moving into the wrong direction. Period.


Well bad in that… NO ONE is asking for more grind.

What people want is actual real new content (not recycled stuff) but ACTUALLY NUMBER ONE: fix the game. There are so many bugs right now in the game that blocks content, create issues every day for every person in the game, and people are just stuck feeling like their concerns don’t matter. Real imbalances and we’ve got a bot and mega-guild driven economy. Make things actually work. Please. Is this too much to ask for?

January patch doesn’t do anything that people actually want.


I love it when folks put up steam stats. They don’t even realize how non-applicable that stat is.

50k -CONCURRENT- players are still VERY good and would place the game at around 13th most popular game on steam.

Do you fully understand that the active playerbase are many times higher than concurrent player stats? And what do you think happens? Its a B2P game. We can play it or not but it’s not like they can shut down a B2P game anytime soon.

I didn’t see anything about house taxes going back up? Is it just live on the server?

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Weapon swapping, desync and movement bugs are stil in the game. It’s just disappointing.
I don’t care about new content if these bugs are still in the game.


Yes I do. But 50k in under a year for a big name is a poor showing.

And currently not much competition, other than 5+ year old MMOs.

I’d be playing any new MMO than NW if it was available. I like NW but this direction will slowly make it die. I’d rather it did not but it is what it is.

Here’s a more poignant example, after merges, thinsg picked up. Now faction is once again crying for help and numbers at many events, PvP missions, etc. etc. All anyone does is run for chests and then logoff, because it is all they have time for. What a game!


These mutations just strike me as something that very few people will even bother to attempt, given that they only benefit people running a bunch of legendary gear, sound like they’ll be overtuned, and require another orb with a one week cooldown on crafting (or a presumably horrific faction currency grind, and likely with a limit there as well).

And what’s the real difference between 600GS items and 625GS items? It’s not like an extra tier and another perk. Just sounds like a whole lot of grind for very little reward.


Compared to what? Do you have any data of concurrent players for any other mmorpg to compare?

They can shut it down anytime they feel like.

After the buy-in price, the game only generates revenue when people use the cash shop.

Meanwhile, even though AWS hosts the game, that doesn’t make it free to keep up. If upkeep costs are worse than cash shop revenues, expect the game to shut down.


They can do whatever they want but they would be forced to refund millions of customers and get unbelievable bad PR on top of the bad PR they already got.

Odd you would quote that as if posting the flat part of the graph he already posted proved something.

It’s a fraction as popular as it was, that’s a fact.

Why would they be forced to refund?


Is that a serious question? Give that a little more thought.

It’s a B2P game. Ask yourself what the P stand for and what happens to the B if you remove the P.

The only refunds people are entitled to are the ones that meet Steam’s refund policy, which state nothing about a game discontinuing service.

Do you have information elsewhere that contradicts that, or do you just assume they’d somehow be forced to refund without any legal obligation?

I pray the 1980 in your name isn’t your birth year because you’d be too god damned old to be that naive.


Common dude. Stop being silly.

It’s a BUY to PLAY game. If they cancel the PLAY part we as paying customers have the right to a refund. You can’t legally sell stuff to people and just cancel it nilly willy without being forced to refund.

There are actual laws for these things you know…

No idea what their bottom line is, but i am sure it exists. This game needs players using the cash shop to fund upkeep and development. I dont see a whole lot of new players, and the ones i do see are usually a bot. This patch, if it goes live in its current state, will almost certainly bleed a ton of players from the game. This should concern you.