January Update! Are you serious?

He’s OK… lol
Just a little grumpy.
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

So what about my hours played now? Is that proof enough? -.-"

@Properso sry, forgot to mention you. There is my hours played

It would also be unfair to implement arena, give the PvPers the option to get 625 gear from chests or whatever and a PvEer gets hardstuck at 600 gs and 590 Expertise.

So what is wrong that PvPers want content to archive things?


What a weak ad hominem that could be heard on a playground.

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And each one makes it more clear for them, the real posts we don’t need are yours and this one addressing it.

Both of us are sub 30 IQ in that regard.

very nice update another perk for void gaunt + 15% void damg XD i mean do they ever read forum

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I don’t have any clue about what you are trying to say.

Everything is increased and so should faction gear. Another level of faction gear should be added at 600 with the ability to upgrade to 625 via the Umbral system.

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Is this patch PvE content though? Looks to me that it is existing content, packaged with higher difficulty. PvE content would be new Expeditions and zones with some sort of fix for open world Zergs so that open world PvE isn’t the snooze fest which it is right now.

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Why do you want more PVP content? OPR offers everything you need LMAO

It won’t be because the incredibly ridiculous and moronic key system will remain. Only those who benefit from this are the ones who control the main territories, retain the greatest amount of gold and buy entries from the dungeons. For 99% of average joes keep opening chests and getting NOTHING.

it’s work only if you craft it by yourself, not by someone else

OPR is 50% PvP and 50% PvE. If they would delete all the mobs, the overpowered beast you can spawn with doing pve in OPR and delete the Baroness, then i would call it pvp.

OPR is just not a good thing for PvPers - it also doesnt give you anything rewarding

It just doesnt work, because even if someone will craft item 600 for you it will be halfed for someone else gearscore. So selling items will suck ass.

rewarding is a flexible definition.

if fun isnt rewarding enough then yoou should probalby quit.

because t hey can only improve this game step by step, how else?
does anyone srsly expect one giant patch that adresses , fixes all problems bugs, and at the same time add new pve and PVP content?

like a 80gb patch entire new game?

why are u guys going crazy lol XD u are acting like u get gamebreaking bonis but u dont u get like 1 attribute stat per gear and very minor % differences

selling subpar items will be worthless. but we all saw this coming with the announcement of armor syncing.

why is it useless u sell people the gear they want at 600 gs and they upgrade it through mutations do you even get how the system works?