Jc bug? or nerfed?

So I was trying to craft Amulet, Earring and Ring with a GS of 600. I have Mixer set equipped, Food buff, town buff, Earring with jewelmastery, using Asmo materials.

With that being said, the only max GS i can craft is 590 to 600. Isn’t it 595 to 600 before?


Did armourer’s inspiration drop?

Jewelcrafter doesn’t need a trophy. It need city buff +5 to make it 595-600 GS. However even I have all the major trophies and gear and food on engineering it shows 590-600 GS even city buff is active. But someone told me it’s just a visual bug.

I have 3 major armorer trophies.

afaik armorer trophys work for JC aswell. not 100% sure on this tho.

hmm probably just a visual bug then. have you tried crafting some and got anything <595 ?

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