JC XP still wonky

Tier 2 Amulet = +356xp (356xp per flawed)
Tier 3 Amulet (3 flawed gems plus wisps) = +1244xp (414.67xp per flawed)
Tier 4 Amulet (12 flawed gems plus wisps/essences) = +2220xp (185xp per flawed)
Tier 5 Amulet (60 flawed gems plus wisps/essences/quints) = +3700xp (61.62xp per flawed)

It makes little sense to me based on the patch notes stated, that it shouldn’t be more efficient, XP-wise, to make Tier 3 Amulets to level up over a Tier 4-5…it isn’t even close when you also count the extra materials to fuse the higher level gems.


Well, with higher stonecutting, you get up to 20% chance to make extra gems (both during fusions and cutting) and you get lower tier gem when salvaging jewellery, so the xp per flawed is slightly better, but I do agree, it still makes little sense to fuse gems and craft higher level jewellery.

Leaving everything to chance is BS. The system needs fixing. We should not be struggling to level up something so crucial to our enjoyment of the game. We already have to struggle to get drops from nodes/chests. Crafting/Refining should not be another one thing to grind endlessly on.

It’s as if AGS wants us to rely on company owners and their lackeys for Legendary equipment.

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