Jewelry Crafting is a joke

Guarantee perks:

Adored Skinning Luck
Adored Logging Luck
Adored Harvesting Luck
Adored Mining Luck

EVERY single time! waste of money and time.


meanwhile you can get a smooth bone ring for walking around an expedition that you would have to spend 4 years crafting to achieve :rofl:

dont you feel like your time is valued?


My buddy farmed laz over 100 times and never once has gotten the featherweight ring and that was months ago. Haven’t asked him how much runs he is lately. Still no ring.

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true, that’s my daily driver ring :smiley:

Well I had to do it more than 200 times to get it

In the mean time I got so many smooth bone rings that I scrapped more than 10 of it
The others are forgotten somewhere in any city locker xd

On the other Side of the spectrum there is me, i could have used featherweight ring as ammo … But getting that smooth bone ring has been literally impossible for me :cry:

As any High End crafting is heavily dependent on rng luck, jewelry is even more punishing because of the sheer amount of expensive mats needed.

We need a way to ensure at least a second perk for going through the hassle of being able to craft GS600 stuff.

The amount of ingots to craft any Jewelry is just way too much. Thirteen ingots for a single attempt to roll what you want is just overboard.

Yes, they should turn crafting/gathering perks off for crafted jewelry - it drops enough in the wild anyway.

Crafting is a joke, I gave up.

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Yeah Ive gotten a boat load of smooth bone ring. I have yet to see featherweight at any gear score. Amazon how easy it is for str users in this game.

Featerweigh is overrated for Bow players.
Don’t waste your time chasing it, better to buy a BIS one with thrust damage + CDR + hearty or at least invest your time trying to craft it

My current ring is from the tempetuous chest reward. It has thrust damage on it. Crafting is garbage. I aint crafting shiot again until they fix it lol.


Which perks have on it ?

Its not that good. Leeching and Bloodletting. Im using it for the thrust damage really. Havent seen any good rings on the market with it so I havent changed it.

it would be nice if by scrapping those items, we had chance to get T5 materials.

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The cost is too high, I wish we could get ingots back from scrapping.
If you are using your cooldown, it takes 2 days to craft one piece of jewelry, +timeless, +mod…

I guess I will just same my money, sell T5 mats, and build something good from AH.

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Do m10s the legendary odds are so high I have like 15 smooth bone rings

They already have the items in game for forced 600gs crafting.

1 600 GS axe is going to take 1 empowered counterbalance, 5 ancient bearings, and 1 voidbent ingot + normal mats.

Plus we get to pick 2 mods + attribute. Takes 10 of the 2nd mod and 5 of the first.

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