Jotunheim Que, why it's not a full server?

The issue: Why Jotunheim it’s not a “full” flagged server?


Oneline 6
Jotunheim Vanaheim Radial (IT/EN) EU (Frankfurt) 1999 2350 9h 57m 8s Online
Brittia Vanaheim Radial (IT/EN) EU (Frankfurt) 1998 753 2h 6m 23s Full
Mardi Vanaheim Radial (IT/EN) EU (Frankfurt) 1991 125 34m 39s Full
Aepyornis Vanaheim Radial (IT/EN) EU (Frankfurt) 1790 0 No wait Full
Baltica Vanaheim Sterren (IT/EN)EU (Frankfurt) 1101 3 31s Oneline
Betelgeuse Vanaheim Sterren (IT/EN)EU (Frankfurt) 837 0 No wait Oneline

Offline 3
Altair Vanaheim Sterren (IT/EN) EU (Frankfurt) 0 0 No wait
Bufo Vanaheim Sterren (IT/EN) EU (Frankfurt) 0 0 No wait
Buyan Vanaheim Sterren (IT/EN) EU (Frankfurt) 0 0 No wait

2 total sets, Radial 3/4 full, Jotunheim most populated Oneline and not Full, why?


Close the most populated server and let open another like Aepyornis from the same set.

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