Journal Objectives - Sort options

So now we have Objectives section in Journal, I would really appreciate if objectives on their categories (Location, Main story, Side stories, Town Project, Recipes) are sorted by zone alphabetically (maybe objectives can be sorted alphabetically or by level as well) so it is easier to check all objectives for zone in which you are currently in and want to read more about that objective or if you do not have all of them pinned as that is not possible as well (max 6 currently).

Now these objectives are not sorted alphabetically or anywhat (objectives are only put in categories which is useful but should be sorted alphabetically at least) there is like big mess of objectives where you have to search for one which you want to check (like how many animals to kill or how many things to gather if not pinned). Also other plus would be search bar for objectives, so you can quicker check details of individual objective.

Please consider this addition, thanks.

Kind regards,

yes, I agree!
Others do as well…

Yes please do this fix!

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