Journal pages locked behind instanced areas

I’m collecting journal pages for completion… Trying to track and locate many of them is easy, but some are not quite so easy.

turns out, some are also impossible if you didn’t read it during the main story quest.

For example; page 1 of Grenville and the Temple under Tales of Windsward is locked behind one of those “instanced doors” you can only do during the main story quest. if you didn’t grab the page, tough luck.

PLEASE, for the love of god, move the page so all players can get it if they made the mistake I made in not checking every nook and cranny in the one time instanced areas (if you can even call it a mistake)…also just remove those one time instanced areas instead. rather pointless. I think there is several other journal pages with this problem as well.

TL;DR can’t complete all achievements in the game without this being changed since I am unable to finish Windswards journal pages. (first page in this video New World - Grenville and the Temple - Journal Entry - YouTube )


As a Lore enthusiast I really want to be able to complete the journals too.

I agree that there shouldn’t be pages that you can only check once and if you miss that chance you never get them again.

Also (off topic I know) but how about making it possible to read journal stuff while fishing?

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I think they should just remove the lock on one-time instanced stuff. I can’t tell you how many people per day I see looking for help with quests that a huge chunk of our already low pop server can’t help with… because they already did it. It would solve not being able to access missing journal pages, and it would allow players needing help with quests to have significantly more players available to help them.


I’m on the same boat. And completing all achievements is also something I want to do eventually.

Locking something that’s necessary to complete an achievement or even any type of game content behind an one-time only thing is bad design on the part of AGS.

Thought it was most probably an oversight, the bad news for us is that AGS probably has a lot on its plate right now. They’re busy fighting the bug and exploit hydra, whose heads multiply and whenever one in slain, five more seem to take its place. Because of that “minor” issues like this one, which can be tackled at any time, stay low on their priority list and I don’t blame them at all.

Another similar issue is in regards to the Battle’s Embrace, Protective Wyrd and Shrouded Intent: Battle’s Embrace, Shrouded Intent and Protective Wyrd - #84 by KiuKenpachi

We’ll just have to be a lot more patient in regards to these minor issues despite how much they bother us personally. You really can’t blame AGS for focusing on what’s truly destroying the game.


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