July PTR Discussion/Images of PTR (Also condensed TLDR PTR notes section)

This is going to be a long one. Apologize in advance!

Medleyfaire Event

The event is a similar style to the Winter Convergence Event. You have essentially two different activities that you can participate in, either fishing or playing music. Both appear to be pretty meshed together as you play music for the blue fireflys and it gives you bait to fish.

It is an absolutely beautiful event and I feel that the screenshots do not really give the full quality of the visuals here. It is definitely something to experience and soak in while you play, especially at night!

Here are some images of the fireflys, which give both bait to fish and also this dust that converts into tokens directly.

sturgeon1 cropped
dust for tokens
filets for tokens

Really cool festival flavor and some chill vibes. Here are some of the rewards below!

  • There is a level 20 quest associated with it. Its pretty simple, nothing too difficult and does not appear to have any level 60 component like the winter wanderer event.

  • There are a ton of furniture updates. 33 stat food returns. Patterns also returning with some that have guaranteed 600GS schematics! (highly limited perk pool though it seems). In addition to this skins, emotes, pets. All of that fun stuff.

  • There is a separate vendor to allow you to mount every single fish in the game including the soggy boot! Time to make an in-door taxidermy aquarium!

Musical Instruments

  • New skill! I don’t think anyone predicted this. It sounds like we can be bards in this game now and that is fucking fantastic. Love the flavor and it is a ton of fun to do, it plays pretty much like rock band and you have solo and group options available.

  • 5 Instruments (Guitar, Mandolin, Upright Bass, Drums, and Azoth Flute)

  • 31 songs (Salvage pages found to collect new songs)

  • Furnishing skill to make new Instruments which have their own list of perks (one freebie note that is failed is auto passed per song, etc)

  • Players can tip you! (Its 1g each haha)

  • Here are the buffs and they are in order of when you unlock them

Decidedly Dexterous: Gathering Speed increases by 75%
Territorial Triumph: Territory Standing Bonus increases by 10%-30%
All Together Now: Group Character XP Sharing Bonus increases by 4%-15%
Song in your Step: Reduces Player Encumbrance by 200-1,000
Fortune’s Favor: Gathering Yield increases by 3%-10%
Luck’s Labor: Gathering Luck increases by 2% - 5%
  • Currently feel that the buffs themself are a little underwhelming. Definitely some nice ones in there but am hoping they add +5% loot luck (it is kinda one of those buffs that feels better than it actually helps, hence a freebie! There is that FOMO by not having it haha), +5% ancient, corrupted, etc banes (does not impact PVP), and finally +30% movement speed outside of combat (not my original idea). Those are my suggestions.

Here is a picture of the game itself, not the best picture but it is something!

Here is a picture of the furnishing screen for those interested!

The audio team is getting their own trade skill and so far it is fantastic!

Barnacles & Black Powder

  • Not in initial PTR, will update this when second wave of testing occurs

  • First End-Game Lost Expedition! (Stand corrected here haha, forgot about Amrine!)

  • Cutlass Keys location.

  • Referenced in dev video to be pretty unique? They said they were trying something new? Could be just saying that but also could be something to look out for when we get to see it on PTR. How cool would it be if we were on ships and boarding them as they crash into each other on the sea. Appears to be on land from the limited pictures though?

Expedition Mutators

  • Icebound: A mutation that focuses on Ice elemental effects related to incoming and outgoing damage. It can also apply Slow status effects!

  • Oppressive: A promotion set that includes mana drains and zones of silence, which prevent ability usage for a short period of time.

  • Frenzied: This variant applies Curses to players that dodge. Curses stack and deal damage over time. Max stacks also damage nearby allies.

  • Will update with more details when live on PTR

Expedition Group Finder

  • NOTE, SAME WORLD. Cross-server is incoming at a later date, no ETA as of now.

  • Group finder appears to be a system that let’s players post listings and join groups, not an automated system.

  • Team roles, minimum GS, and minimum level options.

  • Can inspect members to confirm gear and everything.

Expedition Tuning Orb Removal/Expedition Misc

  • Orbs removed

  • 15 Normal Expedition Runs per player per day or 105 per week, per player.

  • 25 Mutated Expedition Runs per week.

  • Old orbs become boss drops, 50% gold cost from faction shop, and 1250 umbral shards if applicable.

  • 80% reduction in coin rewards

  • Redistributing mutation rewards so lower levels more rewarding. Adding 3rd jewelry item to each expedition.


  • Now when salvaging you have a chance at getting a “perfect salvage” which can be redeemed for the following: Research materials (such as weapon scraps) that can be used to gain crafting trade skill experience, special orbs that can be converted into gypsum casts which bypass the normal daily limit, materials to fabricate special items, other valuable resources.

  • Unknown if legendary items have greater chance at perfect salvage. Have yet to test this.

  • Named items in expeditions can be salvaged into “materia” which is specific to that expedition. Your can craft it into specific named items. (No longer need to get 9000 WoTA before you get the 1 Fury you need.)

Seems the cost is around 1k - 5k when I checked. Have yet to confirm how much you get on a salvage.

  • Unknown if crafted items salvage rewards were boosted. ie getting asmo instead of orichalcum from level 595-600 crafted items. Does not appear to be the case?

Territory Standing Changes

  • Territory rewards appear to be the same. Unchanged?

  • Players can now craft four different tiers of territory supplies which provide the player with large amounts of territory standing in their current territory.

  • Territory Supplies will cost different tiers and volumes of corrupted fragments, stone, and wood depending on the tier of the supplies.

  • Players can craft each tier of territory items 8 times per week

Thought: Are territory rewards getting revamped? Will we be getting the much awaited free reset soon? Along with the changes in territory standing bonuses we knew were coming?

Loot Quality Generally Increased

  • More rares, epics, legendaries overall.

  • Gypsum orb cast items now more likely to give better loot.

Shop Items



  • +3 minimum craft (new max 598-600) and forces CON on the item like a timeless shard. Would love to see it have a drop down and let you choose instead considering in the past CON would have been amazing but with the new split stat update, this feels like a significant hinderance.

Continued next post due to space


Continued! Check the drop down menus for additional details since the perk list is big. I still condensed it more than the original PTR notes. I also tried to condense the PTR notes at the end as well to include the most relevant things. May have missed some things. Feel free to comment below!

Perk Changes!/Crafting/Dual-Stats

  • Weaponskill perks are now stronger on weapons. For the below condensed perk list. The first number is the min on armor, the second the max on armor (625GS), and the final number is if it’s on a weapon.
PERKS (Click to Expand)

Tool Perks

  • Durable: This perk now prevents any durability lost on the item.

Armor Perks

  • Reinforced: This perk has been renamed to Indestructible, and now prevents any durability lost on the item and reduced the chance this perk will be generated in crafting or drops

  • Corruption Resistance: This now reduces the rate in which corruption builds up.

  • Blight Resistance: This now reduces the rate in which blight builds up.

  • Freedom: increased reduction from 3…7.8% to 3…10.6%

  • Vigor: increased reduction from 3…7.8% to 3…10.6%

  • Invigorated: increased reduction from 3…7.8% to 3…10.6%

  • Refreshing Ward now triggers after 4 hits instead of 5

  • Refreshing evasion bonus has been reduced from 0.98% to 0.75%

  • Reinforced Logging Luck, Reinforced Mining Luck, Reinforced Harvesting Luck, and Reinforced Skinning Luck: Reduced the chance this perk will spawn on random dropped and crafting gear by a significant amount.

  • Ancient Ward, Angry Earth Ward, Beast Ward, Corrupted Ward, and Lost Ward: Can now roll on shields.

Weapons Perk

  • Keenly Jagged: Changed the damage and cooldown from 7% weapon damage (10s cooldown) to 10% weapon damage (7s cooldown)

  • Keen Speed: changed the move speed duration and cooldown from 30% 3s (5s cooldown) to 20% 10s (10s cooldown)

  • Siphoning Blow: reduced the cooldown from (10s) to (2s)

  • Chain Lightning, Fire, Arcane, Void, Ice, and Nature: increased the damage from 11% to 15%

  • Mortal Lifesteal: increased the health gained and lowered cooldown from 3…5% (5s cooldown) to 3…7% (1s cooldown)

  • Mortal Siphoning: increased the mana gained and lowered cooldown from 3…4.9% (5s cooldown) to 3…11% (1s cooldown)

  • Mortal Energy: increased the stamina gained and lowered cooldown from 5…15% (5s cooldown) to 5…35% (1s cooldown)

  • Mortal Refreshment: increased cooldown reduction from 5% (5s cooldown) to 10% (1s cooldown)

  • Mortal Fortification: decreased the cooldown and increased the duration and effectiveness from (5s cooldown), 3s duration, 10% fortify to (1s cooldown) 10s duration, 15% fortify.

  • Mortal Power: decreased the cooldown and increased the duration from (2s cooldown) 5s duration to (1s cooldown) *20s duration".

  • Hated: increased the threat levels from 5-15% to 50-150%

  • Kind: Increased the threat reduction from 5-15% to 15…45% added a max reduction of 99% from all sources.

  • Shirking Flames, Nature, Frost, Lightning, Abyss, Arcane: increased the damage and duration from 5s 20% to 6s 30%

  • Flame, Frost, Arboreal, Abyssal Attunement: reduced cooldown and increased damage from 15% (2s) to 18% (1s) (from Proc to Elemental, applies to all of these just removed to save space. Same with shirking above. Very significant.)

  • Thwarting Counter: increased damage bonus from 15% to 20%

  • Trenchant Strikes: increased damage bonus from 15% to 20%

  • Trenchant Crits: increased damage bonus from 5…19% to 5…30%

  • Trenchant Recovery: increased damage bonus from 10…29% to 10…41%

  • Rogue: Reduced the chance this perk will be generated in crafting or drops by a small amount

  • Beast, Ancient, Angry Earth, Beast, Corrupted, and Lost Bane: Reduced the chance this perk will be generated in crafting or drops

  • Accuracy: Reduced the chance this perk will be generated in crafting or drops. DOES THIS PERK DO ANYTHING o.O?!

  • Flame, Frost, Void, Thrust, Slashing, Arcane, Lightning, and Strike Shield Ward: Increased the % absorption from 2…5% to 4…10%

  • Sure Footing: Reduced the chance this perk will be generated in crafting or drops

Amulet Perk

  • Flame, Frozen, Nature, Void, Thrust, Slash, Arcane, Lightning, and Strike Protection: increased the damage reduction from 2…4.9% to 2…10%

  • Alacrity: increase duration bonus from 5…15% to 5…30%

  • Empowered: increase duration bonus from 5…15% to 5…30%

  • Fortified: increase duration bonus from 5…15% to 5…30%

  • Mana Recovery: decreased cooldown reduction from (60s) to (30s)

  • Adored Logging, Harvesting, Mining, and Skinning Luck: Reduced the chance this perk will spawn on random dropped and crafting gear by a significant amount

  • Shirking DoT Cleanse: decreased the cooldown from (15s) to (7s)

  • Shirking Debilitate Cleanse: decreased the cooldown from (15s) to (7s)

Ring Perk

  • Siphoning: deceased the cooldown from (10s cooldown) to (2s cooldown)

  • Poisoning: increased the duration from 5…15% to 10…30%

  • Crippling: increased the duration from 5…15% to 10…30%

  • Enfeebling: increased the duration from 5…15% to 10…30%

  • Infected: increased the duration from 5…15% to 10…30%

  • Focused: Increased the effectiveness from 5…9.8% to 25…49%

  • Brilliant: increased max mana from 5…10% to 10…20%

Earring Perk

  • Focused: reduced (typo?) the mana regeneration rate from 5-9.8% to 15-29.4%

  • Despised: increased the threat levels from 5-15% to 50-150%

  • Beloved: Increased the threat reduction from 5-15% to 15…45% added a max reduction of 99% from all sources

  • Evasion, Health Toast, and Mana Toast: reduced the chance this perk will be generated in crafting or drops.

  • Arcanist, Armor, Cooking, Engineer, Jewelcrafter, and Weaponssmithing Mastery: reduced the chance this perk will be generated in crafting or drops.

Skill Perks


  • Empowering Rending Throw: Ranged hatchet attacks now deals 10…21…31% more damage vs Rending Throw targets.

  • Vorpal Distancing Throw: has been renamed to Refreshing Distance Throw and now reduces cooldown by 10…30…49% if your within 6m of your target.

  • Mending Infected Throw: now triggers when a target with Infected throw dies and heals for 10…21…31% max health.

  • Energizing Feral Rush: has been renamed to Crippling Feral Rush and now causes a 10…20…30% slow for 3s when it hits.

  • Refreshing Torrent: Recharge increased while on a hatchet to 1…4.8%…8.5%.

  • Keen Berserk: Now has increased critical chance while on a hatchet (1…14…27%.)


  • Refreshing Mighty Gravel: Might Gravel now recharges 5…9.8…14% on hit (max 3 targets.)

  • Repulsing Clearout: now has increased effectiveness (50…146…209%) while on a hammer.

  • Penetrating Wrecking Ball: now has increased effectiveness (5…19…33%) while on a hammer.

  • Sundering Shockwave: now has increased effectiveness (5…9.8…14%) while on a hammer.

  • Leeching Path of Destiny: now has increased effectiveness (10…29…47%) while on a hammer.

  • Empowered Armor Breaker: now has increased effectiveness (3…29…50%) while on a hammer.


  • Refreshing Power Shot: now has increased effectiveness while on a musket and the cooldown increased from 3…20% to 8.5…54…98%

  • Energizing Stopping Power: has been renamed to Repulsing Stopping Power and now increases knockback distance by 25…97…151%.

  • Accelerating Traps: now has an increased effectiveness (5…19…33%) while on a musket and the duration increased from 3s to 5s.

  • Mending Sticky Bombs: now has an increased effectiveness (10…21…31%) while on a musket and Mending Sticky Bomb now heals based on damage done by sticky bomb.

  • Empowering Shooter Stance: now has an increased effectiveness (4…23…41%) while on a musket.

  • Crippling Powder Burn: now has an increased effectiveness (5…24…42%) while on a musket.


  • Energizing Evade Shot: now has increased effectiveness while on a bow 4…19…34 also reduces cooldown by 3…14…25%

  • Fortifying Rain of Arrows: renamed to Lasting Rain of Arrows and now causes Slows and bleed from Rain of Arrows to last 10…20…30% longer

  • Enfeebling Poison Shot: weakness is now increased when on a bow (3…14…25%) also increased the duration from 4s to 6s.

  • Explosive Arrow: now deals increased damage when on a bow 4…19…34%

  • Penetrating Rapid Fire: now effects all rapid fire attacks and the armor penetration is increased while on a bow 5…19…33%

  • Refreshing Penetrating Shot: cooldown is increased while on a bow 3…14…25%.


  • Energizing Flourish: is now renamed Deadly Flourish: which now deals 10…25…39% more damage vs targets below 50%.

  • Omni Direction Evade: now also deals 1…10…19% bonus damage after using evade.

  • Keen Tondo: now has increased critical chance while on a rapier 2…12…21%.

  • Sundering Riposte: now has increased rend while on a rapier 5…15…24%.

  • Leeching Flurry: now has increased lifesteal while on a rapier 10…29…47%

  • Refreshing Fleche: now has increased cooldown while on a rapier 5…19…33%

Life Staff (WotA no longer BIS!)

  • Refreshing Divine Embrace: Fixed a bug that causes this not to function and added a bonus effect, now grants 12…41…69% recharge and 1…3.5…5.8% mana when triggered.

  • Energizing Splash of Light: has been renamed to Purity of Light: now heals for 10…48…85% of weapon damage if splash of light removes a condition. (Last I remember splash was bugged and not removing conditions?)

  • Accelerating Light’s Embrace: Increase the duration of this buff from 3s to 5s and modifier now scales higher when on a lifestaff 5…18…30%

  • Revitalizing Beacon: Renamed to Vicious Beacon: now when Beacon heals a player grants 2…6.1…10% critical chance for 6s.

  • Fortifying Sacred Ground: now has increased fortify while on a lifestaff 3…9.7…16%.

  • Mending Protection: now increased the healing effectiveness while on a lifestaff 5…24…42%.

Fire Staff

  • Empowering Meteor Shower: now grants 1…2…2.9% damage per hit for 10s. (max stacks 10)

  • Siphoning Incinerate: has been renamed to Stable Incinerate: This perk now grants grit to incinerate, and causes Incinerate to deal deals 3…12…20% more damage.

  • Accelerating Flamethrower: Now also increases burn duration from flamethrower by 10…15…19%.

  • Efficient Burnout: now grants a 5…19…33% more damage and grants 20…77…132% mana regen. This effects ends on your first hit.

  • Refreshing Pillar of Fire: now has increased cooldown 3…14…25% while on a firestaff.

  • Empowering Fireball: now has increased damage 5…32…58% while on a firestaff.


  • Empowering Whirling Blade: now deals more damage 10…30…50%.

  • Repulsing Shield Bash renamed to Diminishing Shield Bash: reduce buffs duration by a 15…30…45%

  • Fortifying Shield Rush: increased fortify 5…19…33% while on a shield and the duration increased from 4s to 6s.

  • Accelerated Defiant Stance: duration has been increased from 5s to 6s. Movement speed has been reduced from 5…30% to 5…20…33% and incoming healing is increased by 2…7.7…13% while on shield.

  • Contagious stab: Now also increases Reverse Stab damage by 5…10…15%.

  • Empowering Leaping Strike: now only increases sword damage and increases damage 3…17…31% while on a sword.

Great Axe

  • Refreshing Charge: If Unpredictable Strike hits it recharges 5…30…54% charge faster.

  • Mending Execute: Execute now has 10…30…50% lifestealing.

  • Crippling Reap: increased slow speed 5…31…50% while on a great axe. Also the duration increased from 2s to 4s.

  • Fortifying Whirlwind: Now grants 3…6.6…10% damage and damage absorption for 2s. (Max 5 stacks)

  • Maelstrom: increased damage reduction 3…14…25% while on a great axe and increased weaken duration from 4s to 8s.

  • Insatiable Gravity Well: damage bonus increased 15…34…52% while on a great axe.

Ice Gauntlet

  • Unbroken Winds: now has grit and increases damage 10…25…40%.

  • Unending Thaw: now increases ice storm damage by 1…5.9…10%

  • Pylon Burst: Also increases Pylon’s damage by 1.5…5.8…10%

  • Healing Tomb: Now heals for 5…18…30% of base health when Entomb ends.

  • Deadly Frost: Now recharges Ice Shower by 5…9.8…14%.

  • Iced Refresh: has increased cooldown 20…77…100% while on an ice gauntlet.


  • Bleeding Sweep: increases the bleed damage while on a spear 2…9.6…17% also the duration from 4s to 8s .

  • Enfeebling Skewer: Increased the effectiveness of the weakness to 3…24…44%.

  • Keen Vault Kick: increased critical chance bonus 2…19…36%.

  • Fortifying Perforate: increased fortify 2…9.6…17% while on a spear.

  • Sundering Javelin: increased rend effectiveness 5…19…25% while on a spear.

  • Leeching Cyclone: increased cyclone lifestealing 10…32…53% while on a spear.

Void Gauntlet

  • Empowering Rupture: increased empower 10…31…49% also increased the duration from 5s to 10s and now triggers when the target dies for any reason.

  • Nullifying Oblivion: now recharges Oblivion 5…9.8…14% faster.

  • Putrefying Scream: increased healing effectiveness 10…29…40% while on a void gauntlet also now lasts 8s instead of 10s.

  • Voracious Blade: increased healing effectiveness 10…31…51% while on a void gauntlet.

  • Slowing Tether: increased slow effectiveness 20…31…40% while on a void gauntlet.

  • Diminishing Orb: increase buff reduction 20…51…70% while on a void gauntlet.


  • Resupplying Mortar Charge: now also grants empower for 3…8.7…14% on kill.

  • Crippling Blast: increased slow effectiveness 5…19…33% while on a blunderbuss.

  • Plague Splitting Grenade: increased disease effectiveness 5…15…24% while on a blunderbuss.

  • Exhaustive Net: increased exhaust effectiveness 10…34…57% while on a blunderbuss.

  • Venturing Claw Shot: increased empower effectiveness 5…19…33% while on a blunderbuss.

  • Leeching Shrapnel Blast: increased lifesteal effectiveness 5…15…24% while on a blunderbuss.

  • Durability is now indestructible. No more durability damage anymore.

  • Crafting algorithm improved to give less feel bad crafts and more that make sense. Significantly less chance at gathering luck perks and trade skill perks on earrings for example.

  • Appears to be +5 bonus attributes per item at 625GS for split stat items. Derived from above post as there are 10 slots?
  • Confirmed that we will be getting updated timeless shards for dual stats if this goes live.

  • Intention of dual stats is to give more points for more build variability. Add a result they redid many of the 50 attribute and 100 attribute perks below.

  • Strength Threshold 50: Now effects both light and heavy attacks by 10%

  • Dexterity Threshold 50: Critical Chance increased from 5% to 10%

  • Focus Threshold 50: Now reduces skill recharge by 5%

  • Intelligence Threshold 50: Now increased Critical Damage by 10%

  • Strength Threshold 100: Now grants 5% more damage to Slashing and Strike damage

  • Intelligence Threshold 100: Now grants 10% more damage to magic basic attacks

Trade Skills XP Changes

  • Logging and fishing xp requirements significantly reduced. For instance fishing is going to cost half the xp to 200. Essentially a permanent 2x xp bonus on it! Logging is more closer to 20% reduction and it is dependent on where you are at (beginning, middle, and end of training it)

  • All refining xp requirements reduced.

  • Furnishing and Weaponssmithing xp requirements reduced.

  • Trade skill armor pieces (weaponssmith pants and friends) are now easier to get (improved drop rate) and which monsters drop them has been changed. It appears aptitude crates drop schematics for tradeskill gear?


  • Wars are instanced!

  • Added invulnerability frames while a player is standing up after being revived to help prevent them from being killed before they have control of their character. No longer accidentally perma kill people???

  • Fixed an issue where various abilities that spawned an entity not scaling gem perk and other status effect damage properly if the damage was triggered via the entity. (Sticky Bomb, Azoth Shrapnel Blast, etc.) Fixes the long-standing gem bug with sticky bombs? This something different?

  • Fixed a bug where status effect reduction perks would not activate properly with multiple perks. (Freedom, Vigor, and Invigorated)

  • Fixed an issue where the “Mortal Empowerment” perk was being removed while traversing the open world. Fixed an issue where the “Mortal Empowerment” perk was not triggering properly when loading into game modes, such as 3v3 Arenas or OPR.

  • Fixed an issue where the “Vicious” perk was not applying properly to headshots. (As of last check, vorpal does not seem to have been buffed. Something for devs to consider)

  • Updated description of the following perks to specify that they do not trigger on blocked hits: Refreshing Ward Which I think most of us thought that they would make it work on blocks. Personally would suggest to devs reading this to considering allowing blocks so tanks get access to this perk which is on heavy armor.

  • Added a cancel window to the “Rapid Shot” ability to allow users to dodge cancel out of of the ability after the first shot as long as they are not actively firing the subsequent shots.

  • Reduced “Poison Shot’s” “Direct Hit” passive’s damage from 150% → 100%.

  • The “Splinter Shot” ability has had a complete rework and is now “Explosive Arrow”:

  • Explosive Arrow - Fire an arrow that will explode on impact dealing 50% weapon damage on hit, and an additional 125% damage to all targets within a 2.5m radius.

  • Flame Arrow - Direct Explosive Arrow hits inflict Burn, dealing 8% weapon damage every second for 10s.

  • Contained Detonation - Explosion damage increased to 150% damage, but AOE radius is decreased to 1.5m.

  • Updated the Empowering Splinter Shot Perk text to state Empowering Explosive Arrow, functionality for the perk remains the same.“

  • "Gravity Well” now pulls downed players to the center of the ability upon cast.

  • Updated Musket reload to not have to play through the first half of the reload if the reload was interrupted after that portion of the animation played. After being interrupted and completing the first half of a reload, only the 2nd half of reload animation will need to play.

  • Reduced “Oblivion’s” “Empower” from from 20% → 15%.

  • Reduced light attack damage of “Void Blade” from 100% → 90% and heavy attack damage from 150% → 140%.

  • Changed the mesh on the Protection Ward. The ward should now be much more difficult to hit from outside of the fort walls.

  • PVP Arenas no longer give free consumables. Instead you bring your own in and they are not consumed on use and are free. (CAN WE GET THIS IN OPR?! :3)

  • Players can obtain a maximum of 2 Lost Sacks daily. They contain 500g each and obtained from elite chests and corruption breaches.

  • Expedition key crafting materials no longer (Genesis, Lazarus and Tempest’s Cores, Undying Hearts, Earth Totems, Corrupted Runes, Molten Runes, Glowing Spores, and Blight Seeds) will be converted into Corrupted of various rarities.

  • Certain items will gain an additional generated perk upon upgrading to 600 gear score. ???

  • Fixing an issue preventing trinkets from the PvP Rewards Track from slotting gems.

  • Higher amounts of Umbral Shards are now offered on the PvP Rewards Track for the same Salt price.

  • Diamond Gypsum and gold coin can instead be gathered at Town Centerpieces 3x per day for the duration of the festival.

  • Added four new Ice Gauntlets to the game: Crystal Floe, Frosted Tips, Borealis, and Black Ice.

  • PvP Perks are now searchable in the Trading Post

  • Doubled the amount of ammo received when crafting cartridges and arrows from 50 count to 100 count.

  • Fixed an issue where linking several items in the same chat message could result in a failure to link the items or send the message

  • Added a bait counter while fishing, displaying how much of the selected bait currently remains.

  • "Waiting” emote now loops.

  • Refinement materials no longer have 3 tiers, all crafting and refinement recipes now only drop at Tier 5 and use the Tier 5 potency. All lower tiers can be salvaged into T5.

  • Charcoal now can only be made from unrefined wood. (No more accidentally all of my glittering ebony)

  • Non arena patterns crafting costs have been reduced by 66%. (Pretty sure visually they are copies of existing low level gear still???)

Throwing Hatchet Tree Rework/Adjustments (Click to Expand)
  • General
    • Allowed all throws to no longer need a passive unlocked to be able to crit
    • Slightly reduced block stamina damage on all thrown attacks
    • Adjusted placement of the hatchets as they are thrown to be more in line with the player character and reticle.
  • Rending Throw
    • Increase base dmg from 110% to 120%
  • Targeted Impact upgrade
    • Updated functionality to extend the duration of the rend by 4s instead of increasing power.
    • Decreased the distance required to trigger from 8m to 6m
  • Social Distancing
    • Increased dodge back distance
    • Added a stagger to Distancing Throw
    • Reduced damage from 130% to 100%
    • Slightly Increased iframes during backwards dodge
    • Updated tooltip to indicated the ability had invulnerability frames.
    • Increased base slow effectiveness from 15% for 3s to 25% for 5s.
  • Quick Power upgrade
    • Adjusted values from 30% for 3s to 20% for 6s
  • Stay back upgrade
    • Updated functionality to root players for 1s if target is farther than 6m away.
  • Infected Throw
    • Sped up Infected Throw attack animation
    • Increase dmg from 150% to 165%
  • Mortal Power
    • Increased HP requirement to trigger from 30% to 50%
    • Increased the speed of the thrown projectile.
  • Aimed Throw
    • Updated to not interfere with movement when throwing
    • Increased movement speed while aiming from 1.65 to 2.25 (Also what the throw move speed is)
    • Improved cancel windows when transitioning from throw into abilities to match standard light attack cancels. (3 frames after throw fragment starts)
    • Increase dmg from 95% to 100%
    • Removed stamina cost of throws.
    • Increased the speed of the thrown projectile.
  • Passives
    • Critical Throws
      • Updated it so all throws can perform crits by default, this passive is no longer required.
      • Updated passive to grant a 5% crit chance on all melee attacks, and 10% crit chance on all ranged attacks.
    • On Fire
      • No longer requires Critical Throw to unlock
    • Rejuvenating Crits
      • No longer requires Critical Throw to unlock
    • Exploitation
      • Reduced damage bonus from passive from 15% to 10%.
      • “Boot and Rally” renamed to “Hurling Force”
      • Reworked to increase damage of all throws based on how far away the target is from the player.
      • Up to a max of 20% dmg at 20 meters and beyond.
    • Persistent Hindrance
      • Reduced debuff extension time from 30% to 20%
      • Updated to also deal 3% additional dmg per debuff on the target, up to a max of four debuffs.“
    • Adrenaline Rush
      • Now triggers off a hit with an ability instead of on ability activation.
>Open World Mob Level Adjustments (Click to Expand)
  • Please go to @Walruss’s thread for excellent discussion here: 😤 Summer PTR Hype - Open World Legendaries

  • This means previously unobtainable legendary versions of items are now obtainable. This is huge.

  • Level 59+ mobs have a chance of rolling 600 GS items.

  • The following list of named enemies have been updated to level 63 so that they have the potential to grant 600 Gear Score drop rewards for players:

    • Edengrove - Baines, Cael, Adjorjan
    • Old Mykgard Forest - Unhallowed Soul of Mykgard
    • Nihilo Visage - High Priest Oseguera
    • Balebane Maw - Articulon the Unshackeld, Mozrul the Herald
    • Caminus - Caminus Gate Lord, Overseer Levy
    • Spilaio Cavern - Tzi-Wang the Immovable, Dau-Shen the Unstoppable
    • East Illurmin - Corrupted Excubitor Luca
    • West Illurmin - Pit Lord Daehi
    • The Congregation - Mirepaw
    • Lambent Muskeg - The Blight Bringer
    • Maria’s Rest - Smoothbore Samuel
    • Ska Makogai - Thorn of the Heartwood
    • Serenity Monastery - Gnasher
    • Skysong Crypt - Ivan the Inevitable, Mordici the Mortician, Slayer Rosellen, Farley

FINISHED! For now at least. Looks cleaner at least. Will keep fixing it up tomorrow. Will add pictures and additional information from the PTR as I obtain it.

I went through the entire PTR notes and the drop down contains all of the ones I pulled that felt relevant. Likely reduced the read time by 85% at least. I absolutely could have missed some things that are really important, let me know and I can add to condensed drop down. Also could have access things that are not particularly impactful so feel free to comment below.

Discuss to your heart’s content!


Thank you for your work

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Haha thanks, just adding the dev comment which confirms +5 attributes per split stat item at 625GS if I did the math correctly. This was not included in the patch notes.

Also that they with include split stats with timeless, if they are to keep the changes.

Need to update the perk section and a few more things then I’m actually done for now haha.


This patch got me, and many people I know, very excited about the game once again. Sadly, there’s no news about the transmog system.


They have confirmed transmog but said that it will be a long while before it’s implemented still unfortunately. Excited for when it happens though!


Well organized post,

I just finished transferring 82GB of email data to an external drive so I could download NW PTR on my SSD.

I’ll be spending quite a bit of time on PTR :slight_smile:

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Haha thanks, just literally ran out of space so had to use second post. Going to clean up the perks drop down though. But that should be it!

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Awesome patch notes, love that they are adding music - bonus stuff like that is exactly what we need.

Nice work on condensing them for us OP.

I’m actually installing the test realm this time, so I can have a look at how some of this stuff is working in practice.


Thanks everyone! Officially finished with the perk drop down. It’s much more condensed now. Hopefully easier to read and nicely embedded in the PTR notes review.

Overall loving the PTR notes. Definitely some things to discuss but first let’s wait for it to hit the PTR before we make too much judgement.

Love you all! Maybe next time we will get hippos in the PTR notes haha


This patch was exactly what this game needed.

Even though Ive got significantly less time to play than Ive had over the last 9 months, Im really glad for the game overall right now.

Now if we can just open up wars for more people somehow…


Yeah! The casual war and casual invasion options they mentioned a long time ago would be wonderful about now


i hope they made something that i can test alle the perk reworks

EDIT: Damage goes up again quite a bit but defense doesnt change all that much. Well Heavy/Glasscannon META solidified (if it stays that way)

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Thanks for your work !! Sooo hyped !

Do you have any screen of new cash shop ?!


Question for moderators. Will luck bonuses affect the opening/converting of mutable orbs, when this patch goes live.

So, if I have my lucky suit on with my lucky rabbits foot. Will that make a difference, when converting my mutable/non mutable tuning orbs into loot and improving my drops?

I am considering buying orbs from the top 4 dungeons, until release date … if my faction quests can support my habit :slight_smile:

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Woo! Today is the day!

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Does having a PTR server still make the most sense? Please hear me out.

I imagine that the devs envisioned a utopia where many, many dedicated players would play on the PTR and provide a deluge of well-written and relevant feedback (not saying that this didn’t happen). However, if we consider the repeated cycles of PTR testing so far, we can see a pattern where “in theory” and “in practice” diverge.

The most discernible challenge/problem is that the PTR does not accurately reflect the environment(s) of the live servers. The differences in environments causes cycles where testing is done on the PTR, glaring bugs are fixed (hopefully), and then the PTO-to-Live transition happens. Once the changes get into the Live environment, the scenarios that were not testable on the PTR come into play, and we get into the whole “this game is buggy and sucks” stage in the forums. The devs now have to contend with a whole new wave of bugs that they are under pressure to address, causing them to rush and miss things and create additional “ripple effect” bugs.

For those of us who have been playing since the beginning, we are sort of used to the game having bugs. Would it be so bad if we did away with the PTR and just released to the live servers? Would it, in practice, make the bugs we already deal with any worse? Would “big changes” be any bigger than they already are?

Constructive discussion and debate on this idea are encouraged; trolling might be met with the Dilbert Fist of Death.

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Having a PTR is key stage in the testing process. It’s is far better to have this extra stage of quality assurance.

Will it spot everything, no, but it will mean that far more is fixed before hitting the live servers.

It allows for user feedback.


I hear you here but I think that it is still at important step even if it has a ton of flaws. It’s an extra step of testing that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Additionally there is a level of hype and excitement it creates as well. Not sure if we have a good replacement but I feel ya, sometimes it feels like they released the wrong version when it goes live because of how artificial the environment is?

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