JULY UPDATE HYPE THREAD! (Dev Video TLDR and Discussion)

I don’t even see the point of PTR anymore. They don’t listen to players in PTR (a lot of players brought up about GC mission abuse, they just let it go to nerf it later) or fix bugs that’s discovered.

I wrote a lengthy post about how the blunderbuss can kill 200 con heavy players with one combo, I included a video, and I explained how it would be bad for the game. I provided the feedback within a day or 2 of the blunderbuss being added to the PTR. My post, under the ptr feedback forum, got at least 10 hearts. Obviously they didn’t read my post or care, and we had blunderbusses killing everyone for 2 months.

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Yeah, it does feel like they respond to some things but there are some things that definitely pass through unchecked. I wonder if this is why they really emphasized doing in-game feedback from now on? I think the whole one shot builds can be a reasonable strategy for players looking for 50% health targets they want to focus down, but from 100% health is just too much! Definitely discussion for another thread but I think CC diminishing returns is to rigid and needs a duration where it diminishes versus only working for immediate combo chains. Plus other tweaks of course.

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I truly believe that PTR is only there because they don’t have a dedicated QA department. We’re basically their play testers. Also they only want to catch game breaking bugs that could affect game stability and that’s it. Every patch is already 99% done and they will not change anything until the stuff hits live.

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Quick question, this July patch is suposed coming at start of July ? like 2nd or 3rd of July ? or at the end of the month like all previous update ? ( the 30 or 31 of month)

Since the PTR patch JUST hit (and it’s massive), it’s safe to assume 4 - 5 weeks from now.


Yeah likely end of the month. But who knows. 26th likely, but possibly 19th.

I love the musical instruments. Great idea that sounds both fun and functional. I hope to see people playing in the taverns to bring them some life.

Could you please also develop a transmog system? There are so many nice armor pieces it would be nice to be able to use the appearance of them even after they are no longer useful from a stat perspective. Thank you.

Yeah transmog is in development or being considered at least, just won’t be for long time based on what has been mentioned.

Okay, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:. I’d love to see this.

As exciting as this could be I think this is the least of our concern right now. Bug fixes, new contents and more QoL improvements should be prioritized.

These are super important, but bug fixes alone won’t attract players back. The bug with the ongoing battle music after closing a Corrupted Breach is probably at the top of my list to be fixed, but new content is also required to entice new and returning players.

I’m sure AGS can do both.

I can see it dropping with the fall expedition and the new zone. Same with Hippo mounts :smile:

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A Phelddagrif mount?

Well someone knows their S tier hippos!

Yeah I think it should be a balance and thankfully they can do multiple things at once. I think in a way it provides nice end-game grind to more hardcore players, completionists, and those people that really love the cosmetic system in their RPGs. Otherwise why grind a non-ideal armor set or weapon? This would really open up a great deal of “content” (for the grinding community obviously, without being forced like expertise) for some. For others they could care less and that’s totally fine as well.