Juniper berries giving diamond gypsum

so is this a thing now? I approve this change! another way to gain diamond gypsum aside from events is good stuff.

So opened up a new bag of juniper. same result so it might or might not be a random thingy.

Hmmm… Didn’t see anything in the patches notes or so, maybe someone from AGS can confirm if this is in fact intended?

Wow could they have actually stealth buffed something? I know they made changes to the bags but I don’t think they said anything about adding the gypsum into them. Either they finally actually stealth buffed something or it was an accident.

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I just got one and can also confirm they now drop from Bag of Juniper Berries.

We still need to know if this is intended or not.

Note: I edited the post as I just got another bag and replaced the image with a better screenshot.

Well, I’m not complaining. It’s a good way to gain gypsum just by doing everyday stuff, farming or questing and all.

Still got a long way to go to improve but this is a good start.


this is only from Mutations :slight_smile:

Even if it’s cool to see, another stealth update …


No its not just mutations i got same from bags grinding my daily topaz up at mines.

lol man u are mad about good changes. count it as good surprise. I am glad that this coudl even happen.


Not just from mutations, as I got mines (two bags) from mobs in Ebonscale Reach overland.

100% a bug.

No i’m just mad about hidden things good or bad.

Hidden stats, hidden patch, hidden mechanics, hidden calculations

No its not, its from all juniper bags.

i myself like to have some hidden things in game to explore

Yeap, I got my juniper bags from killing piggies in morningdale. Don’t think that’s a mutation though.

I got 3 and that’s how many are needed to make a cast.

I hope its not a bug. Its pretty cool and should stay like this.

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I got 2 gypsum from my 3 bags today. So sadly not every bag drops one :slight_smile:
Still cool though, Thanks for that.

I like it. Let’s keep it!

it’s not a bug. it was confirmed to be an update, too late to be included in patchnotes.