Just a few things and if you do not have money just say, we can help!

So Life staff aoe heals, (have to) heavy gear, lack of pvp reward and in general lack of pvp it self, everything is lootable that would keep in game economy live - what else? Sure we have ongoing bugs, we have ongoing exploits, but by fixing the above would stabilize the game.

How much time it would take to:

  • balancing life staff (not nerfing, but balancing AKA lowering the healing output of AOE area heals, and lowering their healing output IF they stack and at the same time giving some more power to single target heals and disabling the auto target option for healers - so making it skill based)
  • drastically lowering the damage output of AOE area spells IF they stack up at the same place.
  • open up servers where pvp is constantly on if someone is leaving town areas. (one line of coding? Or less?)
  • by dying in pvp player should drop all consumables + all crafting materials let them be raw or refined.
  • Gear should be fixed just by using crafted repair tools.
  • Item drop in PVE (let it be crafting material, consumable or gear) should be super rare, like 0.01% chance but in that case it should drop just purple or orange item.
  • gold drop should be 10Ă— by PVE and chests should mainly drop gold or crafting recipes.
  • light and medium armour should receive some buff to be in pair with heavy; let light have mana regen + faster stamina regen and much higher elemental resistance, let medium have light and heavy attack speed buff + stam regen buff.

2 weeks of coding? Max…and than we already calculated with testing days.

Like why not?
There still could be pve servers with zero pvp loot (existing system)
Crafting would have meaning
Gathering would have meaning
Players would have gold that would inflate gold sellers trades and in the end of the day disabling it.
Economy as auction would shine
By fixing aoe area heals and stacking aoe area dmg wars would be more dynamic and fun

Like why not? Running servers with a bunch of players is way too expensive? A lot of us would even pay a monthly sub… Amazon, just tell us if you need more money to run the servers :v: it is not a shame if you have no money, we can help! :blue_heart:

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And these topic goes into “Game feedback” ? No it also goes into General Discussion!

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As much as I would love to flame someone about the amount of new bugs they introduce each update, I think you’re over-simplifying how much work it takes to fix something.

right on!. I too am a no lifer who wants to pick on everyone else who cant keep up, bully them into subconscious submission, make them quit the game for my own enjoyment, and stroke my ego while doing it. yeah,… PVP full loot will surely fix what ails the game!.

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Sure, would definitely pay a subscription fee, since I have seen how this game is handled and is riddled with exploits and bugs. I would like to pay more money for broken promises and unfinished games.

Amazon for sure just can’t pay for their own servers, let’s help them out

A better idea. Make database backup, shutdown for a week or 2. Fix all known issues. Make a fourth beta. If major issues persists, don’t open. Fix it, and re-release with the database backup, only if you have minor issues that doesn’t affect game play, then you can deal with to have or not to have pvp servers, etc, etc.

I believe that all (my) above suggestions are already in game and semi prepared for release. Basically these are not my ideas, I went after actual live in-game mechanics.

  • turning on pvp stance is in game, so not much needed to handle here for opening a full pvp server.
  • servers are already separated, we are not playing in one mega server, but all of use are rolling in different world that has different economy, faction balance and so on… so having full pvp and the existing semi pvp servers in the same time do not needs much work.
  • inventory loot due to pvp (as I suggested all gatherable raw and refined mats and consumables) option is also in game right now: players have a “disable stance” when you still can rez them, so “player goes down” event is already in a separate code network. It would need just a few new lines (or nodes if they work with visual programming) that would allow to open the players inventory and access to shelfs that holds consumables and materials. These shelfs are already separated in players inventory, so basically ready for such content by placing a chest node or code line into the “dyeing stance”
  • to balancing spells and armour needs simple parametrical changes in the code, no need to make new animation, particle simulation or anything that would need great development effort and time.
  • changing the loot table is time consuming, but probably can be done by a batch process - everything out beside purple and orange items, changing the drop rate to 0.1% and giving X amount of gold with a random factor under xy % drop rate.

There can be one blocker: the tones of checkers on the management site. Will it trigger more protentional costumers? What generation of costumers will be effected? How much money they will spend in the in-game shop? And the profit oriented checker list could go on for hours - this means a bunch of meetings, a bunch of inner lobby… and yea could mean month and month preparation if not years. These non factor checkers are the blockers. This is why I used the ironic sentence that “we can help out Amazon with some money if they need it”
Honestly speaking, Amazon has the infrastructure and buffer to open up a few PvP servers without going true the endless wave of profit and marketing oriented checkers.
Frankly, they would even profit from such a scenario: Amazon opened up full pvp servers based on the request of the community - heroes, THE good guys!
VS now it seems like: Amazon tried to lure in as much as possible players into their new game and now they are waiting till the population drops to minimum - since now that we already bought the game and we do not have monthly subscription, every even minute that You or me are spending in-game, by using there servers is counts as deficit - IF we follow the checker board.

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