Just a thought, due to the long Que

I see that if I wanted to move within the same server name (world) I would have to delete the toon first.
Due to the super long que, would it be possible that temporarily while you guys are working hard to solve this, that we can create them in worlds that are not as busy, which might allow people to get in and get some play time?

I feel that most of the long que is because people want specific worlds, like Valhalla and others not so much at all.

Just a thought.

Thank you for your time! I know you guys are working like hell through this, either way I’m super excited that the game launched and how successful it will be!



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I’d love to be able to move my level 10 guy to a less populated server.

Exactly @Saberwolf , I think that if people could transfer around, just until the long ques are gone, it would help decongest the busiest worlds. I saw a few that only have like a 100-200 que, which is better than the 10-20k that some have.

They wrote that will be a free transfer char for 2 weeks, but idk as it going to works.

My idea was to level up in a server less populated and after move in the italian server “Jotunheim” that right now is super full…everyone love pizza.

Of course i have to delete the char that i create in Jotunheim-> level 1 and transfer the char that is now in the server Inferni.

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And just like yourself, I feel that a lot of people are now stuck playing in a world that they might not want, but wanted to get in and play and now the trade off is losing all that progress.

I’m glad that they will allow transfers as you mentioned, hopefully those people that do, get to keep their progress.

I seriously doubt, though, that the free transfers will be in the direction you want (from less popular to more popular). I’ve never seen that. It’s always done to get players off the popular ones and spread the population around, long term, not to consolidate players back on a few servers after the launch rush.

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