Just another post about tuning orbs deleting casuals

I know there’s a lot of these posts but the devs need to hear how many people are dissatisfied with the tuning orb system. It is the sole reason why I’m not playing this game. I, like many other players, enjoy mmo’s for dungeons and raids. Whenever I discovered tuning orbs were required just to run basic dungeons I was already out the door. I wanted to level in dungeons even if it wasn’t optimal. So I say fine, I’ll level with the main quest and I discover I can’t even do that because of the massive level jumps in difficulty. I don’t want to side quest or farm those boring faction missions over and over.

If tuning orbs were removed I would love to come back and do the content I enjoy. But until then I don’t see myself playing this game. What a terrible system that only pushes away casual players who enjoy dungeon content.


100%, they need to be removed. The dev chat the other day was insightful and I am glad they are adding the mutator mechanic but they really need to do away with tuning orbs.

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