Just bought game, can't make character to play with friends?

So, just bought the game. Downloaded it. Cant make a character on the server with my friends? How is that a good idea?

Refunded. Screw that. It’s an MMO, and you are stopping new players from playing with friends. Go figure.

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pretty much. and you only get one character so even if you manage to get on a server with friends then you will have a 1-dimensional experience after mid-game.

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Nope. This is a feature, not a failure, at least that’s what the white knights will say.

Have patience. Amazon has no idea how to run an mmo and they’re struggling. Their game is meant to house smaller amounts of max players per server than most mmos. They should have released the free character server transfer before locking the servers to new players. So once they do that your friends can join you with their character on a new server and you can all play together again. It’s also still only 1 week after launch. The players that try new games then quit, haven’t quit yet so the populations are sure to stabilize after that. I personally am irritated with their decision too, but this game is genuinely a great MMO. It’d be worth the wait for them to fix it.

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