Just completed the Main Story quests

Hi guys, I just completed a few hours back the Main Story quests. I managed to Solo the Well Guardian last week and I got my Tier 5 Azoth Staff today.

I guess the game is Okay with regards to the Main Story quests, but I do not know if I want to keep playing or move on to other games?

Just wondering what others are doing for those that have Completed the Main Story quests as well?

many people don’t care about the story at all.
for others we care about it, and we’re hoping they will continue (ahd hopefully conclude the first part) soon. we know some of what’s coming next so I hope it’ll mark a better ending to the initial story at least.
as for what we’re doing. lots to do, level up crafting, raising your expertise, pvp. dungeons. etc.

I do not feel like trying too hard for the Mutator Expeditions, basically I am not considering them yet for the near Future.

I was thinking of getting 3 houses and getting Furnishing to Level 200 and get 15 End game Trophies, but I have played 670+ hours, maybe I might be moving on to other games, still thinking about it currently.

It depends on what you like to do. To me this game is more like a goal oriented game, grind it out and do it then set another goal rather than a game to play for fun.

When I hit 60 I made a goal to get armoring to 200. I harvested all my mats everyday. Like 4-8 hours a day and then went to town, refined it all, then crafted boat loads of gloves of whatever tier I was on. I did that for weeks.

I realized that I wasn’t going to get trophies and armor needed to actually make good gear so I made my next goal to earn tons of money. I spent weeks harvesting everything needed to do all the cooldown stuff. This was around the time they announced the gearing changes and stuff. So I also started joining chest Zergs at night to raise my expertise. That was over two months ago now.

In the middle of doing all that I also bought two more houses to make travel easier on myself and have more storage. I spent time also trying to get all my trophy stuff without actually using all the hard earned gold I made on it. At this point in game I have ~210k gold, two basic armoring trophies, one major trophy and no armoring gear yet. Only one of the basic trophy materials did I actually loot myself. A couple company members sold me the other two and the major one for cheaper than market. I did loot a stacked deck and made my one basic loot luck trophy. My expertise is still being worked on but I switched to dungeons instead for it because the chests are garbage and have been for quite some time now.

I mean I really don’t know. Like last week I thought about all this and said what’s the point? Was I really having fun? For some of it maybe but for the most part I just severely wasted my time for stuff that wasn’t much fun doing and was totally unrewarding. I pretty much stopped logging in except to do a couple dungeons here and there with some friends in company. We had like 80 people and now hardly anyone logs in other than the few people I do dungeons with. The dungeons are ok fun but its like 1 dungeon a week. It gets boring fast running the same one over and over again. We cant really do higher than tier 1/2 because we don’t all have high enough gearscore. Over two months and I cant use proper gear to do a stupid dungeon because of stupid expertise. Even if I could its still the same dungeon. Just more shard drops.

You have to find what’s fun for you. I can’t seem to find it much anymore. I don’t care about making gold cap anymore because really there is no point. I have stopped caring about getting trophies because then what? I spent tons of more time and gold rolling up RNG armor that ends up being worthless because RNG perks that I don’t want? Game stops you from doing anything that I do find fun. Now its getting more and more laggy, desynch, and buggy. Too many problems. Too much grind. Too many gates. Unrewarding content. Not enough fun things to do.

That is not to say you cant find some fun for yourself. This is just my experience.

In the live server, I have not touched the Hatchet, Great Axe, Spear, Life Staff and Void Gauntlet at all. Maybe after a break from the game, I might get back in to level some stuff.

Honestly I feel the game has quite a lot of content at it is currently, but I am thinking and seeing if I have the drive to do a new challenge. Thanks for the advise guys.

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