Just delete the bow

Another massive nerf reducing bow by -20%, at this point just delete the bow it is useless.

What range is left musket? Nerfed fs/bow to oblivion.


Apparently the only way to pvp now is GA/WH or VG and anything. Until people whine about VG enough, then just GA/WH… 300str/200con. Only way to play now.


Can’t do anything about bots, but nerf the bow every patch. Great job!


What specifically are you rambling about?

(I say rambling, because you’re the only participant in your thread until this point.)


This fix was coming a long way, mate. Concussion didn’t work exclusively for headshots and gave bow an overall dmg boost. Them finally fixing this is still manageable as bow. This is the one fix that was actually crucial since it hasn’t been working properly since the beginning.

However, add that to the rest and I feel you entirely. Bow pretty much got killed by AGS.
No fun to play at all. Only build that adjusts you to current meta (clunk meta) is medium builds with Spear/Bow for max. Stamina/iFrames or Rapier/Bow for a smidge of mobility - but Rapier getting the AGS treatment next after VG.

F for the bow brothers, it’s been fun


After all the other nerfs, they “fix” some issue that was giving the 20% to normal shots. I don’t know, maybe FIX YOUR GAME, before nerfing and adding time delays.


I believe he is talking about a fix to a bug people have been EXPLOITING and should be PERMA BANNED for!

to the OP:
Thanks for self incriminating, now AGS knows they need to ban you!


? ? ?

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Lead devs play GA.


i believe he is referring to the jump cancel animation exploit.

They dont Ban People for Combat Exploits,thats why everyone is using Them without fear.

For all gamebreaking Combat Exploits Used in wars Nobody has ever been Banned.

What the hell are you talking about, honestly I was never even good with a bow. But, now with a delay between every move, the -20% nerf to fix some issue no one even knew about, on top of all the other nerfs already. Bow is useless.

So like everyone else, it is either GA/WH or VG/IG, since that is all we can play now.


No, he’s talking about the Concussion fix (last bow weapon skill on right skill tree).
More headshot damage has been added to not only headshots but overall. Since this game exists.

They’re fixing it now so the base damage of bows going down in general.


sadly you are correct… hence the saying still existing:
“Exploit early, Exploit often!”.

Ahhh ok… well thats an extra 20% then.
So all up like 40% nerf and several i-frames

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I was regretting buying a BIS GA from the TP, now i’m seeing it as an investment, i just have to level my GA skills.

Yeah resistance is futile, GA is the only way now.

It’s really discouraging, as a predominantly bow using player, to see this nerf on the PTS. Through no fault of our own we were operating under the assumption that was the normal damage for the weapon, and now all of a sudden it is being changed with a significant drop in damage output.

Just another reason to not bother logging in anymore. Jesus, devs, you really know how to drive players away.


Yeah like this isnt a nerf. It’s a nuke to bow honestly.

  1. Damage reduction 20%
  2. Recovery periods on bow shots that can’t cancel even by using stamina <——— whoever thought of this needs to seriously reevaluate. I am not talking about jump canceling. But absolutely no reason I can’t shoot an arrow and use dodge to not have to wait the 0.33 seconds. In fact, they are making every weapon have insane delays and recovery periods. Combat is becoming clunkier and clunkier. Basically turn base combat now

“Fix your game”

They fix a bug.

“Why’d you fix your game!! :’(”