Just Logged In... To A Death Screen?

So, I always log out/exit to desktop when ive finished playing - and always from a settlement (after ive done all my inventory management etc).

Today, ive just logged into the game, picked character, clicked “play” and its loaded me into a “You Died” screen and to pick where to respawn?! My gear has lost a chunk of durability… Not sure what else you suffer when you die - but this is a bit broken right?

How did I die when A) In Town B) Not Flagged - nor ever flagged - for PvP C) I wasnt even logged in/my character wasnt active?


same 3th time this happened now. Log out in town login next day, dead in town?

WTF amazon?


Not just me then. I checked the map, if you zoom in - I can see my “Recent Death” marker right in the middle of the town.

Will be logging in shortly, I finished last night in Everfall… What are the chances!? :smiley:

This just happened to me too. I logged out in town and one hour later I died when logging in… in the middle of the town with PvP off!

has happened to me each time ive logged in since the 1.0.4 patch.
if this is gonna be a recurring problem this patch i need to know which support to send my repair bills to.

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