Just Make Luck..We’ll Luck

They should just make all Luck a single stat. It’s over complicated and changing luck sets for different activities is annoying, especially without a set changing UI setup. Also I just wanna wear my Voidbent when I kill level 50s in Ebonscale farming.


Hearing you Lima Charlie.

If you’re lucky you get it
If you’re not, better luck next time

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If you want flat 30% to all gathering you can get it by flagging for pvp. Trust me nobody is going to kill you.

I somehow like the idea but what really got my attention was the fact that changing your luck gear depending on what resources you are going to farm is SUUUUUUuuuper annoying. Like I constantly have to carry 80 in weight about 20 gear items just so I can swap them in a click-simulator like crazy everytime I see something I wanna farm. It is way more fun to just flag PvP and kill other players.

Either make a gear-menu so I can save my gear-setup and swap them with one click. Or make, once you equipped a gear with one % bonus, it unlocks for you to craft gear that has all-in-one luck on it.

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I never unflag. Im not talking about that.

Adding a gear swap to the UI would alleviate alot of the problem.

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