Just show us our luck % like seriously

Yeah but it is not properly registered. None of the perks on armor work properly.
As long as no one notices, it is fine :slight_smile:
That is why we may not see it.

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Or get rid of luck… that’s a better option.


Showing a percentage is completely useless information. What number is that percentage based on? What is the maximum luck number. The entire system is complete fucking trash and should be removed from the game!

There is absolutely no way to see if it actually works. It’s so freaking convoluted and over the top. Not a single person including the idiotic developers that dreamt it up can even prove/show that it works! Christ they can’t even clearly explain it!


luck doesnt work anyway and ags doesnt seem to know how it works if it does, at this point just remove it.(until fixed and can be shown as a stat on my character stat sheet.)


Man I get so mad with this luck thing.
Show me the number. Show me which drop tables it opens, show me clear info, not devs mystique, as they have proven over and over, they are not great at math, much as with scaling INT damage with gemstones, stats caps, additives, etc.

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I agree with many that luck if somewhat broken and at certain times can actually hurt you. For example if you’re doing ekite runs for profit 2 of the most valuable items (WS Pants and Golden Steel Chest recipe) are T3 and T4, with luck working properly if your drop gets upgraded it will change these to a different item.

For what it’s worth the devs did post the mechanics [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ but if they added an actual stat to your character model then would then have to field complaints about things like having to remove and re equip items for the stat to appear after evey log in.

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I’m sorry dude but your statement is way off base. Luck is not somewhat broken. It is 100% absolutely broken!

As for the FAQ. It it no way what-so-ever clarifies how or actually if the garbage luck system works. It’s nothing more than word salad trying to explain a convoluted system those that created it don’t even know if/how it works!

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Worst thing is, there is so much contradictory data in the same post, that I can say for sure:
I don’t know how much luck I have.
I don’t know how it actually works, and I get this from the Devs regarding “Global Luck”:

So, if I take this as is, luck affect expedition named bosses?

I’m not trying to be rude here. Just a bit confused. It states “Unique armor from expedition bosses.”

So the question doesn’t seem to make sense. Perhaps you could explain a bit more what was meant by the question.

I know luck is a bit broken or far from the perfect solution in New World.

But… it’s not hard at all to understand the current system. (Let’s imagine it has no bugs for a moment).

There are a few problems with this:

  1. With gathering luck it’s easy to prove that it works as intended. Just try a farm route with no luck at all. And then do it again with full gathering luck set / food, etc. You will get LOTS more high tier / rare mats.

  2. About Global Luck: This one is harder to understand for most ppl (This was terrible for the Easter Event with the damn chest being a “regular” drop not affected by luck).
    But it’s not imposible to understand how it works and how the Devs made this system.

The FAQ that Devs posted has all the needed information. Problem is that some words might be confusing.

Yes it does.
BUT: First you need to get the boss to drop a “bag”. That bag is not affected by any kind of luck, it’s just a random chance.
Once you got the “bag”. Your luck comes in place, giving you more chances to get “named items” (as Firevine battlestaff, Lazarus Bow, etc) “Unique armors from expeditions bosses” (Isabella’s Gaze, pants, etc).

There is something called “LootBuckets”, but i think it’s more advanced and confusing for most ppl. It’s easier to just know that lucks works, and the higher % you have, the more chances you have to get a Named item, rare mat, schematic, etc.

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You can’t count this … ? 8x 2,9% + trophies give 4,5% if u have 3 major as I remember, there are no secrets… Btw luck as I checked luck do not give you chances for any special rewards you will not have more items, it only gives chance for legendary etc, I am not sure if it works for trophy’s artfiact I dropped similiar amount via week with luck and without luck gear so probably it only increased chance for loot for higher grade mats… thats all.

It gives you a higher chance for named items. That’s it.

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One little note here:

Global Luck doesn’t affect:
The chance for regular “Legendary” items.
The GS of the droped item.
The perks/stats of the item.

Are you sure it does not affect for regular Legendary items ? With luck gear I was looting much more purple legendary items than without luck gear where they mostly were green and blue …

Yes, I’m sure.

But i can be as sure as the FAQ stated. So, who knows in the end.

There are lots of videos on youtube with ppl that took LOTS of hours for testing, and prove that luck works as stated on the FAQ.

About your specific experience… well, in the end we are talking about a random chance, and like in any other MMORPG if feels different for every player.

Take a look at the Easter Wabbit Event. The chest had the exact same chance to drop for all players (It wasn’t affected by any kind of luck). Some got it at 20 rabbits, and some didn’t even get it after 3000 rabbits. ( I got mine at 1500±).

I was testing for lots of hours too, 40 maybe 50 :slight_smile: , I think my test is nothing worse than a guy who made a video ( where they mostly show nothing just speach which I never want to hear till end…) According to last paragraph I knew it since event started cuz I have known how luck works, so I never wear my luck gear when I was trying drop this chest.

The reason that they give multiple different answers even in the same conversation is that none of the devs left working on the game were there when it was coded and they do not know how it works themselves.

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I mean, let’s take Tempest.
As I understand the Devs post; If I run full luck gear+trophies, I should get higher chances on getting unique/named items from named bosses, right?

Regardless of the chance that they may not even drop (it happened plenty of times on my parties). But once they do drop, your luck comes into the equation on what you may get from that loot.

Man, math is hard.

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@Luxendra can we get this added please

It doesnt work anyways. Since I removed all luck from my satchels, jewellery and armour. I’ve actually finally been getting valuable drops such as glowing sap, ancient mandible(the trophy material) and the rune for corrupted major trophy. Spent 300+ hours farming those with luck on, to receive nothing. Removed all luck and now I’ve got all of them in a single week. Even scooped up a few polished marble chests, too. Never got those before when I had luck boosted via gear at about 20%.