Just shut the game down for a year and redo!

I know this is not a popular choice, however, FF14 had many many bugs and exploits and was just a bad game at launch. They took time to remake the game and polish it and now look at FF14.

New World just has too many bugs, exploits, and just broken crap. The economy is trashed due to dupers and exploiters. Territory control is already hit by all the abuse. Just nothing right now is fair for the legit players.


i agree


I made the analogy many times already.

New World: An Isle Reborn

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That is pretty much the most extreme thing you could run to

The trading post is down for a day or two; that’s literally the worst thing that’s happening atm

Calm your farms


That is not the worse thing. You have companies owning more than 1 land due to exploitation. Your economy is shit due to 2 months worth of duping. Nothing right now is legit for players who are playing fair


ESO was one of the worst launched games in history – it never shut down but turned itself around to be one of the TOP MMO’s. (and still is).

You don’t need to shut it down to make it great, you just need a dev team that actually cares and tries (which I believe AGS has).

So NO to your idea.


You might want to fix the title of your post… I’m surprised it let you submit it without ****s, but given the earlier issue with ingame chat, maybe not that surprised.

Think they already shat the game down.


bahaha Totally just seen it XD

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No, thank you.

no one will touch it again

Funny they said that about FF14

i mean, i don’t think the game is in bad enough state to shut down. It’s most definitely more than playable.

Exactly, AGS is working hard and doing well to communicate with the player-base, it’s all a matter of patience, trial and error.

I agree it could go either way tbh. Both Elder and FF14 did horrible at launch. TESO fixed it over time and now became what it is today. FF14 closed down and remade the game and now look at them. So New World could go either way. It’s just the fact of so much duping and exploiting has gone on for so long that these cheaters are now the top dogs owning land etc and no punishment for it creates unfair play for everyone else.

I say give it time.

  1. Community screamed about Outpost rush. Devs got it in.
  2. Community screamed about Dupes and Market. Devs shut down the market and have removed 98% of Duped items and banned over 1600 known dupers
  3. Community screamed about the necessity of a PTR after a botched 2nd week patch. Devs have a PTR

Not trying to suck AGS off in the slightest here, but facts are facts; give it time. If its the same stuff in 6 months then yeah complain your heart out.

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Def understandable and I get it. I guess we shall see what happens.

Nah I’d just quit if they did that. I’ve sunk time into the game.

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I’m incredibly doubtful that the actual territory ownership is largely effected by dupers and cheaters.

My server, most of the land on the map is controlled by guilds either directly, or supported by the 300+ person mega guilds. If you’re running around with 25 people, even if you duped every item 200,000 times, you’re not going to beat 300 people with your 25 heads.

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I do agree with the game is broken and a lot of problems for sure. But if Amazon really cared they would listen to all of us that are providing feedback. I have played through the testing phases and have now logged over 1k hours on 2 different servers and to run into bugs and broken things almost daily is unheard of. AGS has made a beautiful game, and I absolutely love it, but it’s becoming unplayable and I wish they would really listen to all of us and address the concerns.