Just some solo fun (again)

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uh oh.

you smoked him lol.

dang that hammer stun op

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well I had the advantage on the surprise attack. so I didn’t really “Smoke” him that bad. it just put him into a panic state and he had to operate on that and it showed. he fell, he was fumbling XD I just took advantage of it. it was fun as hell though.

thanks for peeping.

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Not sure about the “music”, but i love seeing melee smash people. I wish i felt like logging in so i could try SnS.

Sns is verrrrry goood

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Cable guy!? c’mon bro XD
and the stepbrothers drum set theme lol

I was just playing with him too, I was just trying to hit, climb up, hit climb down, rinse repeat… but he fell XD

Once I knew he was in panic mode, I just messed around…until he fell.

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