Just stop it AGS


HALT YOUR GAME, SHUT YOUR SERVERS DOWN or do WHATEVER it takes to make this game even close to balanced/playable. The mess that you put out doesn’t even deserve to be called an alpha game. “THIS” needs a complete overhaul, its so bad written that a 13 year old could have coded it better than you have. I would really like to be positive about my 250hr experience in this so called game, but just cannot be. The dominos won’t stop falling until you move them out of the desk. Each patch makes everything even worse, with one thing fixed you create 5 additional, more game breaking problems. If you, the gamers, cannot see how utterly flawed this game is, i feel sorry for you and your time. Population has already been halved, in one month there will be hardly anyone to play this mess with. CANCEL THE GAME. SHUT IT OFF. RECODE IT or AGS will be always remembered as a joke. You outclassed Cyberpunk, Fallout 76 and Anthem all put together. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

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