Just wondering, How many rabbits before the box dropped?

Hey ppl, I’m just wondering, How many rabbits before the box dropped?

At current I’m at 2800 and no longer having fun. (keeping count for OCD reasons)

I’d love to hear how many it took for people that got it.

Happy hunting if you haven’t, Good luck.

Haven’t kept count, but let’s just say… a whole lot of corrupted rabbits.

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In the same boat, using luck armour and food. Over 1000 killed with no reward. Seems like a very poorly thought out event. They should have dropped tokens and 500-1000 tokens buys the reward.

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I haven’t kept count either, but I do have over 100 sumptuous rabbit meat and/or 40 CON rabbit food. :wink: And still going…


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Does killing other things while hunting rabbits affect the RNG luck on getting the chest?


May the RNG be with you… always.

dont believe luck affects drop chance since it is the only item in the pool

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I’m past 3k rabbits now and honestly I give up.

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You’re right. I took it all off and just went in PvP gear and finally got it. But still they should have made it like the Christmas even where tokens could be collected to just buy rewards. It was just days of torture and time wasted just farming rabbits. I did not have a good time HAHA.

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IV seen people on server saying they are at around 170-180 and still dont have it. Some people get it instantly, and troll them. Its actually funny.

Im approaching it in a very minimal way wherein i dont kill rabbits

Wish I could have done that. But that chest has given me so much needed space. That and I have to try collect stuff.

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Closer to the end of the event i’ll prolly panic and cram

Ahhhh HAHA. Probably the best way is to kill rabbits as you see them when doing other stuff.

I’ve killed 622 rabbits so far. Zero chest. Full luck gear, jewelry, bags, and major trophies. Utter waste of time. Pure RNG with no back-luck-protection on a limited-time cosmetic item that only the player will see in their private house… just… AGS please fix this before the event ends. It hurts nobody to make this more accessible.

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