Justice For The Dynasty (Expedition) Mission Completion bug

Server: Pyrallis

Username: Cereberus99



Prior to the previous patch, I had completed the Justice For The Dynasty mission and collected the three shackles. I had not had the chance to give in the mission to reap the reward when the patch occurred. When the game came back, the green marker was gone. I still have the shackles and now the quest is pending completion despite having already completed it.

Unable to turn in Justice For The Dynasty quest

Hey there @cereberus99,

Sorry to hear you’re not able to turn in this quest, this looks like a bug so we might need to escalate it to the team but I’d like to try some troubleshooting first to see if anything changes.

Please try closing the game and verifying game file integrity on Steam, then restart your PC and check again. If the game still doesn’t let you turn the quest in please contact Customer Support directly so they can request your logs and escalate the issue.

See you in Aeternum!

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