Keen speed duration 4s instead of 5

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Keen speed perk on weapons is 4 seconds in duration. Text on weapon says its 10 however the actual duration is 4.

As you can see from the video → keen speed procs at 0.216s and ends at 4.414.

Even the icon shows up as 4s compared to the proc of the ‘Swift Onslaught’ perk from the greatsword tree which procs up as 5s at 01.200s of the provided video below.

Checking the patch notes from the Brimstone sands release the actual duration of Keen Speed should be 5 seconds not 4.

** Keen Speed:*

    • Reduced duration of the 20% haste bonus on critical hit from 10 to 5 seconds.*
    • It now has a 10 second cooldown.*
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It is either a bug or wrong timer set for the perk.

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negatively :smiley:

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Just proc the keen speed perk on a weapon to see that the actual duration is 4 seconds instead of 5.

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    23.11.22 - > 11:00 CET.