Keep Tank In One "Group Member" Spot For Expeditions

I don’t know if it’s just me or I am missing something, but one of my biggest things is every dungeon the tank (even though it’s the same tank as the last run) is in a different group member spot so, as a healer, for that run I have to remember to use this button instead of the one from last run. Hopefully that makes sense or for the love of God some one provide me some clarity if I am just dense here.

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The ability to rearrange your party list is one of the many improvements the ui needs.

Another big one for me as a healer would be the ability to move the party list into my eyeline. They talk a big game about not wanting to change certain things because of ruining immersion. Having to keep checking the party list away from where i am focused on movement, ground effects and monsters is a big immersion spoiler.

PTR has a change to “choose role” on your party list. If that also changed the sorting of the players so that tank was (say) always 2nd (you being top) then that might be an simple change since they are already working in that area. Of course a better solution is more customisable UI.

This also works for content that doesn’t have a role selection e.g. trial.