Keep the GS at 600

It’s way to early to do a GS increase. Fix the bugs. Add more PvP modes. Add some more perks. New weapons. That’s what I want to see.

Don’t needlessly add grind to the game to hide a lack of content -its condescending. Keep gs as is so the people who already quit -who already have a set of BIS gear- have an excuse to come back and play again once new content finally drops.

A GS increase at this point is going to make the new players quit. This expertise system is already looming. If you tell new players that they are going to fall even further behind in February…

Change the mutation thing so it drops asmodeum and other crafting mats on a cooldown. I don’t really want to specialize yet. Just feed me mats so I can try other builds.


well BIS isnt affected since it would be 600GS + perks they want that gets upgraded in new system instead of getting new pieces however all the 595-599 items are effectivly bad now hasnt been enough time for people to fill out 600GS pieces

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