Kicked as AFK while in the Amarine Dungeon

Character Name: TanzeeFarrell
Server Name: Cenculiana
This is a Bug

I had completed my dungeon run and pressed “E” to exit the dungeon at Amarine. Instead of exiting I got a window stating I had beeb AFK too long. Instead of being dumped to the main screen, the game locked up and took several minutes to close the game.

Upon logging back in I was at the entrance of the dungeon.

The other problem I have is a Rare fire staff. It is a level 24 item with a gem slot and I have a number of gems from Tier 1 to 3. When clicking the item to add a gem, the option is grayed out.

A company member also gave me a level 32 staff that has a gem slot and I, again, cannot install a gem. My character is currently level 27 and I know I can’t equip the level 32 item.

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