Kicked for AFK after expedition. Caused game crashes

Character name: JOOSH ARKTAU

Server/world: City of Brass (Arkadia Tau worldset)

Issue: After completing the Starstone expedition and attempting to return to the normal world, i was kicked for AFK and then the application crashed and gave me the error: " (SafePtr) - Attempting to dereference a null ptr " Then my game crashed 4 times trying to load back into the server (not sure if that’s the same issue)

Bug or exploit: BUG

How did the issue effect your gameplay: Kicked from server and game crashed multiple times.

Were you able to recover from the issue: Yes, after the game crashed and relaunched multiple times.



What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Not sure, all I did was finish Starstone expedition and it happened.

(Links to images in case the previous ones didn’t work):

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Is it still happening?

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It only happened that one time, after a few restarts it was back to normal. Hasn’t happened since

Still happening it seems.

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