Kicked out of my world and can't rejoin (Valhalla - US East))

I’m returning from a long break from the game. It’s telling me to “select world” so I try to rejoin the world I was originally playing in (the one ALL my friends are playing on and none of them got kicked out of) and it tells me “you can only have 1 character in a world set.”

I’m very confused cause I’ve only ever made 1 character and it’s currently not assigned to any world. It gives me the option to join any other world (except character creation locked worlds of course) but Valhalla remains greyed out.

Thank you ahead of time for your help. I really hope to resolve this, I have little motivation to get back into this game if I’m going to be Isolated from all my friends.

Valhalla is currently locked, as such you won’t be able to select that as your world. They recently detached anyone had hadn’t played in 8 months from their worlds to help alleviate queues. Some more details are here:

Thank you for your very prompt reply! Is their any news on it being unlocked at some point?

There’s no specific news right now, but they’ve said, generally, when there aren’t any queues, they will begin unlocking. We’ve seen some servers unlock already, but there’s no specific timing for Valhalla.

Hey @EbenezerOld I hope you’re doing awesome and glad to welcome you to the forums!

Unfortunately as of now on the server you want to transfer to, Valhalla on US East has character creation and transfer disabled. As @JakeL said for the users that were not currently active for a long time, characters were detached from servers.

On the link below you can check the actual server status:

This decision is taken in order to safe guard player experience, I’m sincerely sorry for the situation, you can keep an eye on the #official-news section for further information about this.

And thanks once again @JakeL for the support you show towards the community, it’s amazing, you’re on streak! :partying_face:

Hope you both have a very nice day, see you on Aeternum!

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