Kicked while im Fishing

Character: DoomDemon
Server: Devaloka

Since this last update it is no longer possible to upload the fishing … while it is fishing after 20 minutes … the game takes you out for being “AFK”.

I am attaching a test video where I show that I am catching fish, I move the camera, I fish countless times and still the game takes me out for being “AFK”


Just encountered the same issue. Fishing on the shore, and I got kicked for being afk?

Please fix. I understand there is a fishing bot problem, but simply assuming real players aren’t willing to fish that long is a bad assumption.

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I would guess that this is somehow connected to the new AFK Detection Solution , which is being rolled out over time. Another guess would be that part of today’s maintainence had something to do with just that.

Welcome to AGS way to fix issues :smiley:

i spent 4 hours last evening to get from 44 to 54 in fishing. i wanted to do 5 hours today but serve rmaintance,… and now they tell me i cant fish anymore? WOW ITS A SHAME XD

At first I thought they would kick people that didn’t gain experience in X amount of time (or in the case of level 60s, what would have given you exp). Now I think it’s detecting whether you have changed zones and/or X amount of meters from a location after a while of standing there.

ya this is kinda crap , I see this as mass punishment for amazon not being able to fix bots to it ruins th egame for real players now , this will kill your game @amazon keep this crap up and your game will die, I have seen it b4 in the past with game who made this same dumb move gg.

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Kicked twice while fishing, and talking in proximity chat. GG Amazon! I can’t even enjoy the fishing anymore, without being AFK kicked.

Am also getting kicked whilst fishing. The first time i thought it was perhaps a hick-up but it happened again and also to a friend.

This happened to me too on the Morrow server.

Just got kicked for being afk too long when I was reeling in a fish from newly activated hotspot, got back just before it was fished out, quite annoying.
Tartarus server here.

Kicked twice so far as well. I’ve been opening my inventory as well but I guess that doesn’t matter.

I keep getting kicked while fishing too. Yesterday was fine, but today like ever 10-20minutes booted to character selection. Not even the afk warning comes up like it’s suppose to 5minutes ahead of it. It’s annoying, clearly it’s due to my fishing being 158 and you don’t want me to get to 200.

This is not only while fishing, Happened to me trying to put stuff on the market to sell.

this is getting to be just dumb cant even play the game with out getting afk kicked now

The sad part is that the fishing bots will fix their scripts in a day or two, but the rest of us will suffer until they figure out something that is actually effective at detecting the bots…

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I’m starting to wonder whether this is a bug from maintenance or if it’s some sort of way to test who is active and who are bots. Three guesses why I’m posting again…

so true @Unbound

Same here devs need to fix this

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Kicked three times now. Twice during active fishing then another while browsing the market place. Haven’t had an issue on this until this patch.

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