Kicking players from Invasions should be impossible

A company can choose 10/50 players, that is absolutely enough.

On my server it is a common thing to kick as many of the random players as possible in the 15 min leading up to the fight to get friends and company members in.

This is a huge problem that even gets worse considering invasions are one of the best gold generating things to do in end game.

I don’t think this is intended and i don’t wanna constantly report the invasion leader for harassment.

Just take the possibility to kick out of the game. It has literally no purpose, if someone leaves the system chooses a new one anyways.


so what you’re saying, is we who are defending our settlements, from invasions, 1, are good only being allowed to select 10 members to defend OUR settlement, and 2. have little to no control over who gets to sign up for our wars, so lvl 50’s make it in, when the mobs are significantly higher level… on top of that, when the invasion goes south, which they do right now, A LOT, the owners of the settlement have to then pay to reupgrade everything that gets downgraded… just stop… you’re making a fool of yourself… k thanks…


Using the money they accumulated via taxing residents?

Invasions should work the way the documentation implies they work. If the governing company is meant to have granular control of the roster, that should be clear up front.

I was just invited to an invasion. (My own faction, but I don’t know the company in question.) I spent ten minutes running around the fort getting ready. I’ve played in multiple invasions and know how they work. I follow orders even when I don’t agree with them. I’m not the best player, but I think I’m as asset. With five minutes remaining I was kicked after one of the server knuckleheads with a dumb name asked for his friend with an offensive name to be let in.

10 minutes is 10 minutes. I’m not going to cry over it. But if the servers went down for 10 minutes in the middle of an expedition, you’d be annoyed, right? If you fell through the geometry and /unstuck didn’t work for 10 minutes, you’d be frustrated? If it kept happening, you’d be pissed off or just give up trying to participate in the game you paid for and have devoted 100s of hours to?

If the game is designed to be an 'ol boys club, that’s fine. But don’t dangle the carrot in my face. Since invasion rosters are meant to be random (supposedly), no one smart is going to plan their evening around one. But obviously, you have to be online to take part. And if you look forward to this kind of content, the bait and switch stings.

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A territory is at stake. The best of the best should be at play for this. Sorry…

That being said >>> I think there should be more meaningful instanced PvP for lower levels. Tiered resource runs that grant the faction/company member ranking notoriety and buffs/rewards for their respective company and faction would be great. Something like Outpost rush maybe?


Add a new PvP type event. Maybe a Caravan missions that many request. Make this similar to Silkroad’s Open World PvP event? Just something that encourages low level PvP. Instanced or open world. Just make something fun and fair for all levels.

The “fraternal” structures of PvP are getting dated and overrated for a reason.


We arent talking about PvP, ignoramus…

The same go for PvE events. My application is universal.

My mistake, but the hostile response was just… you chose to respond as you did. Little words but an excuse to be toxic. Sad

But, you knew that.

The forum is filled with people just like you who argue with OP’s when you don’t even know wtf is being discussed. An invasion is already an instanced PvE event, Learn how this game works before arguing with people.

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I am aware… as I said, my application is universal. I even stated my mistake.

However, your choice to be toxic/hostile is not needed… AGAIN.

You still don’t know what the OP is even talking about, do you…

I’m absolutely agree with this.

We are all paying for those upgrades in both gold (house tax; craft tax; etc) and time when we do town board quests. So everyone should have a chance to defend the settlements, and owners should have some control over players by choosing 10 and by having a limited number of players to kick.

The kicking function shouldn’t be abused by kicking everyone whos not your friend, guild or faction member. We are all losing if the invasion goes bad.
But if there are a limited number of kicks, then the governor would save it for trolls (maybe players holding wall defenses without using them or stealing repair parts on purpose).

Prolly also to abuse it, but at least is less harmful than the way it is right know.

BTW here’s a similar post

There is 99 members in the controlling company most of whom want to fight to defend their territory…why should 90% of them be excluded just so some barely 50 undergeared can ruin the invasion and cost the ruling company many thousands in re upgrading things…

The game needs an instanced pve type event that DOESN’T kill off towns, plus an instanced regular with prizes pvp events which run along the lines of 30v30, or something, that rewards tokens for armor upgrades etc and some much needed gold, and that anyone can enter, filtered into brackets for both lvl and then gs.

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So basically…
Two company leaders and 98 of their favorites.

Company leader and 49 of his favorites.

So 50 to at most, 100 of the thousands of people on a server can participate in a huge portion of the games content… and you wonder why no one wants to PVP?

Don’t get me wrong, i get why they do it, there is a lot a stake. But i think that it’s a flaw in the game design when 99.9% of the people on a server cannot join major PVP battles if they choose to.

Because those are the rules and the mechanics. Everything’s arbitrary at some point. But false implications and wasting people’s time is not OK.

So if some yahoo called “ChickenSandwich” from guild “LOLZ” (or something else similarly silly) joins an Invasion or War, you will trust them to actually show up and take it seriously? Maybe be a team player even?

Good luck.

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My company owns a territory aswell. I am not saying it is the right way, that a company can only select 10/50 players. That is a whole different discussion. I am simply saying that right now 10/50 is what AGS thinks is right, then thats how it is, with 40 random people if you like it or not.
But sure, attack me personally cause im “making a fool of myself” complaining about that.

in major zones yes that makes sense, but for instance, on our server, my group owns Reekwater, and we don’t see significant income from “tourists” as we’ll call them, most of our upgrades are done from our group farming up gold and paying for the upgrades ourselves, so now what, we now have to forgo all of our hardwork so you get a participation trophy? yeah ok bud, maybe join a company that owns a settlement, or use your company to take a settlement, and then you’ll understand, until then, just stop dude…


Maybe the company should be able to select 25/50 and be given 5 kicks (in case there are AFKs or trolls).

With 10/50 you can barely coordinate anything, so I do understand companies wishing for more control.

It needs to be like wars where the owners can choose who for all 50 slots. It cost too much money to lose them and if kicking people is removed you will have the problem of other factions throwing on purpose and actually winning them being extremely rare.

Your company made the decision to take an outlying zone. You get to choose what you do with the money in your treasury. This is a game mechanic.

Similarly, the documentation suggests the governing guild only gets to pick 10 of the 50 invasion participants. If the development team decides it should be all 50, it should be up front. Don’t waste my time or resources by making me think I’m eligible, only to pull the rug out from beneath my feet.

kicking people is also a game mechanic, so you can’t have your cake and eat it to my guy, and yeah i’ve literally seen people throw invasions by stealing repair parts and whatnot so yeah literally nothing you’re going to be able to say to change my mind, and by your logic, because we’re not the capital, we have to suffer, lmfao ok kid

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