Kindly change the server merge for tir na nog : Join bifrost, hyperborrea, roccabarra, nilfenheim In tir na nog. Dont mix spanish and eng communities

Kindly change the servers which are going to be merged. Don’t mix different language servers together. It creates a many issues for both communities since they cannot communicate due to language barriers. Many Spanish people can’t or don’t like to talk in English. By adding so many Spanish players in a eng community you are forcing it to turn Spanish.

Spanish people will only speak Spanish and English will speak English. Spanish should only be merged with other Spanish servers keeping the community stable. Why merge them with english speaking communities.

Mer bengodi + Kor together. They have like 500-600 people combined which is still pretty healthy pop.

Kindly change the server merge for tir na nog : Join bifrost + hyperborrea + roccabarra + nilfenheim + in tir na nog. Dont mix spanish and eng communities.

Also please join roccabarra and Hyperborea with us as well. They are too low pop and need help. Our server can easily accommodate these servers. Why has ags forgotten the those 2 servers.

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Agree. How are we going to communicate or play together when they either dont speak the other language or refuse to do so? This is going to be a mess!

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trying to find help about the merger into tir na nog.
Is that it, we’re dumped into a server where we now have LESS interaction because theres a lot of spanish players ?

Hi Noobs2pro, this looks like an issue the dev team might want to take a look at so I will get a report sent up to them. Thanks for coming to the forums with your thoughts!

Please give us Paid Transfer Tokens so we can get off this server. It is now impossible to communicate with the people you merged in to our server.

Why was this noticed so late? The merger has already happened and there are too many problems on the server. Every day there is a fight between Spanish and English-speaking communities in global chat. Because Spanish people want to speak their language and English people can’t understand anything.

The person who decided to merge Spanish servers into English-speaking servers needs to be fired because he did not even think it through how badly it will affect the community.

Not to mention kor + bengodi could have had a merge.

And bifrost + hyperborrea + roccabarra + nilfenheim + in tir na nog + amenti could have been merged.

Now 3 servers are left out and the team that manages merges has changed tir na nog into a Spanish server.

Provide free transfer tokens to English-speaking people so that they can move out or undo the damn merges.

We cannot play with Spanish groups because of language barriers. They do not take us in their discord groups. And they don’t join our groups because they cannot understand English.

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We want to know the reasoning behind the merge with the Spanish server even when it’s common sense it will end in a disaster. Which it already has become.


When the server transfers are available most only English speaking players will move off the server. So defeating the object of merging the servers.

Not sure moving a Spanish main language server with a few English main language servers was a good idea.

It’s inevitable that almost all eu central servers will be merged together. Just wait

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