KNOWN ISSUE: Cannot play, boots to main menu

There are quite a few people out there who are currently experiencing an issue where they click play, enter the queue and then get booted to the main screen.

I have contacted Amazon Games Support and they have said this is a KNOWN issue and it is currently with the tech team.

If anyone has this issue, they should wait up to 5 hrs, if it is not resolved then contact Amazon Games Support again.



Pior que estou, aguardando resolver…

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im also getting this issue

DXDIAG: Dxdiag -

Same problem…

Thanks for sharing all that information with us , our team is working so hard to fix it up as soon as possible


Getting this issue as well. Its odd my character is on the Dominora server in US East but the region drop down menu is showing i have “1/2” in EU central when i dont.Capture.PNGs

Not sure if it matters but i was online when the servers went offline for maintenance.

Are we there yet? Estimated time for a fix?

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  • Urgent need to resolve this problem, waiting for 6 hours but still unable to land

Same issue here. Haaaalp please!

But seriously, you guys are all doing great work and it’s more than most game developers have given their players the past few years in this pre-alpha/alpha/beta environment the gaming industry has ended up in.

Also, do we have to submit a help ticket or anything?

i wouldn’t call being unable to login ‘great’…

same here, been waiting for 6hrs.

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Any feedback on the problem, Muzz?

he prolly went home, i wouldn’t expect to play for at least a few days. just like magicaly new world breaking cards they’ve done their internal review and clearly nothing ti wrong with the game.

Apparently people in some other discussion threads who have this getting kicked back to main menu issue are reporting seeing these entries in their game logs:

[Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] Report Error: Reason: 50 BannedUntilEpochMS: 0d
[Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::OnConnectionFail: OnConnectionFail: Reason: 50
[Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::ActorContainerDisconnect
[Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] GameConnectionWrapper::Disconnect
[Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame::OnDisconnection: Disconnected from REP
[Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] GameConnectionWrapper: disconnected from REP
[Info]: [ERROR] ClientSDK: @mm_csdkerr_disconnect
[Info] (AZCore): [GameConnection] Update state InGame to new state Disconnected
[Info] (AZCore): [Game] CGame exiting to main menu

Can everyone who sees this go to C:\Users(your username)\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups, open the log or logs at the time this happened, search for your character name and see if you have those entries a few lines below your name, and report back here?

Also do mention if you got a ban notification pop-up, because almost everyone who has had this problem have reported not getting a ban notice, and some have reported getting a pop-up that says “Not authorized to continue playing”.

no logs file is there for me. :[

i have that as well in my game logs but i receieve no notification of being banned.

I have the exact same logs, but no notification of a ban and do not get the message “Not authorized to continue playing”.

there should be one on the ouside C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\AGS\New World-Game text and see if its in there

this is what I get, I have a 3080ti eagle graphics card i don’t know why its unknown