KNOWN ISSUE: Cannot play, boots to main menu

playin the game

More than likely working on what they said they were going to work on via patch notes. Cash shop and character transfer capability.

u got in?


I’m still trying to figure how I got flagged by a new system that I haven’t even had a chance to log into? Was some sort of system in place before the update and they are just lying to us now and covering up that we got flagged by mistake?

@zane24171 but how it was reported I do not understand?

nah i was saying devs are playing the game, thats why they dont know hahaa

no one from amazon is lying to you because they haven’t said why its happening, just people making suggestions what it could be

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I mean ive definitely been flagged by EAC before like 5 years ago maybe its just preexisted EAC flags on your steam account?
This is despite not even using anti AFK

Nope… new Steam account for me and Im having the issue

The multi/simulated input sounds like the correct guess. I fall into that category. I made so I can be on my treadmill and fish with a wireless controller in one hand. I only need the M1 to cast and real in, a key for freelook, and mouse movement attached to a stick.

If it is this method they really picked way to broad a gorup to hit becuase yes macroers whether its AFK or botting would show up but so would many others. Nothing I did violateed TOS as everything is 1:1

most people who did the anti afk gets a message and the ban is 1 day to 3 days if i’m correct. this is not it.

IF the devs were playing the game they would know exactly wat is wrong with the game
and fix it.
they haven’t got a clue what is broken/bugged/missing in this game.

Lol Far Cry 6 is out , epic exclusive so i had no idea. Peace out yall, they prob gonna pull a Activision on us.

bet you if we start talking about refunding/lawsuits they would have a response

You have no chance. Read the TOS. They can do whatever they want.

steam is definitely still allowing us to refund that game right now lol

Nope, already tried to refund

U can definitely still chargeback by calling your bank.

i just relaunched the game and they tell me you are banned for cheating c ets a joke or not?