Known Issue - Game is still running after exit

Sometimes, when players close the game, Steam will still think the game is running. Solution is to exit Steam and/or close any browsers that opened through the game (ex. survey on exit)


When you log off of NW, whether you alt f4 or you do it correctly, NW will continue running for steam, and you cannot stop it. Nothing about it in your task manager, but steam says it is still running. You have to completely exit out of steam and restart steam to open it back up.


Hello! This is a Known issue already you can check on this post: Known Issue - Game is still running after exit
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If anything else is running that uses Easy Anti-Cheat, you’ll need to quit out of that as well so the anti-cheat unloads. My wife was having issues with steam saying the client was still running despite closing browser and steam client and it wasn’t until I thought to ask her to close Black Desert Online (which was also running and also uses EAC) that Steam was able to restart New World.

This is a bug that has been around since the first Beta. I hope they do fix it. There are many players who would / will demand to be able to have the BDO account afk trade-skilling, while they play NW. I know I expect to be able to do both.

It is the after game survey. Even though I did not click to participate, it tries to pop up a window. The window never loads because I didn’t ok it to take me anywhere after playing and this locks up steam. I close the window and then have to close steam to end New World.
Yeah I see it is a known bug. I am just making sure they understand it is still happening.

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Thank you for the report. We are aware of it.

The issue is fixed for me now after the last patch