Known Issues – November Monthly Release (1.1)

Greetings Adventurers!

As we go live, there are going to be issues that pop up while we are actively developing and breaking things within New World. These are some of the Known Issues that we are currently aware of and actively working on resolving.

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If we have any workarounds for a known issue, it will be posted here!

  • Harvester gear set disappeared - working on a fix
  • Unrecoverable Error “No Product Information Found” may be encountered on game start
  • Player can sometime lose their face after teleporting
  • Azoth Tree area lights flickering
  • Green Quest Markers seem to Disappear and Reappear Inconsistently.
  • Lighting flickers/flashes sporadically throughout Reekwater dungeon.
  • The game screen blacks out during Darkness events in rainy areas
  • “Teleport Pending” text seen on loading screen after leaving First Time User Experience
  • Using Potion with Ice gauntlet equipped and attacking causes player body to flicker and model corruption after weapon swap
  • Players can access the recall to inn function of their starting settlement as soon as they arrive on the beach
  • The recommended level for the Into the Breaches quest is significantly lower than the level of the encountered AIs.
  • Final objective interactable has a 5 minute spawn timer for the Trial of the Alchemist faction quest.
  • Basic ancient combat housing trophies are lost after trading.
  • Reekwater ‘Protector of the Source’ Arena Boss objective does not show to players when entering with key.
  • The attribute sheet UI does not update weapon damage for scaling off of intelligence or focus instead of primary attributes.
  • PvP Healing does not scale in a similar way to damage.
  • Void Blade impact effects sometimes trigger incorrectly.
  • Umlaut are not displayed correctly on names
  • Ai will randomly change targets when in combat with players who move far away from them.
  • Players cannot access the War Board to sign up for a war in a settlement
  • Most Void Gauntlet icons do not match the gauntlets color variation.
  • When drawing and sheathing Gauntlet Weapons causes players body to graphically flicker
  • Boss AI can sometimes prematurely use their victory wipe behavior.
  • Abigail Rose does not display a map marker on the map for acceptance or turn in of Tenacious Rose.
  • Rain of Arrows doesn’t go on cooldown if shot at max height.
  • Players can equip two of the same weapon by various methods.
  • REPs are randomly dropping players on live servers.
  • Players blocked by invalid EAC files sometimes have the wrong error displayed
  • Players falling through ground and die when respawning when server is under load.
  • Player is banned for 20 minutes from Outpost Rush when server restart occurs during the Outpost Rush match.
  • Permanent Banned Message Does not Contain Verbose Info
  • Wrong error displayed for client server mismatch

All things combat

  • Splinter Shot hits the enemy an inconsistent amount of times based on distance, making its damage hard to predict.
  • Using Rending Throw to interrupt light and heavy attack sequences causes the player’s movement to stutter.
  • Certain situations cause some weapon abilities to feel as though their end lag has greatly increased
  • Using Potion with Ice gauntlet equipped and attacking causes player body to flicker and model corruption after weapon swap
  • Several Great Axe buffs are able to be applied to players while the weapon is sheathed
  • Players have a hard time seeing Fireball hitbox due to VFX on ability.
  • Orb of decay healing is not affected by equip load healing bonus.
  • Abilities break after a duel
  • Player is able to clip through outcropping collision by using many abilities while prone
  • PvP Healing does not scale in a similar way to damage.
  • Players cannot respawn after dying in Brimstone Sands.
  • Buff VFX display on players before they fully spawn in.
  • Higher latency values cause a stutter while using magic weapon light attacks while running
  • If character strafes during 2 handed weapon unsheathing animation after closing inventory, animation is interrupted and repeats.
  • While blocking with the ice gauntlet, players can be block broken twice in one block break window.
  • Ice Pylon perk Pylon Burst’s effective range is extremely small.
  • It is possible for players to dodge before their stamina has fully regenerated.
  • Outpost Rush Summons will Target Allied Player Ice Pylons.
  • Arrow Sometimes Misaligns Briefly when Strafe Jumping while Aiming Down Sights.
  • Shockwave VFX appear to jump around on the ground.
  • Incorrect Sword SFX plays when player blocks with any non-sword weapon
  • Not PVP Flagged message is displayed repeatedly when a user’s attack or attempt to heal hits another player when not flagged for PVP.
  • War Hammer Weapon Mastery Descriptions Contain Multiple Grammatical Errors.
  • Players do not play the proper Death’s Door animation if they are downed after a duel
  • PvP Rewards are not Granted and PvP Value is not wiped if Players are Migrating Hubs.
  • Voracious Blade Perk Does not Always provide Healing when Expected.
  • Void Gauntlet Harvest Essence Name and Function lack of messaging can be confusing to players.

All things crafting, gathering, and items

  • All taxes are being paid to the settlement at which a contract is listed
  • Certain Crafting/Refining Stations do not have Ambient Audio events
  • Weapon sheathing SFX is corruptible depending on weapon type.
  • FishingTreasureChest is non-functional after discarding items during a trade and picking them back up.
  • The Toughened Leather armor set features no functioning dye channels.
  • When crafting a weapon, the Boar Hoof does not show up in the crafting window.
  • Various level unlock recipe has a whitebox in the crafting stations.
  • Items placed inside the Trading Post do not transform to different items using the item transform system.
  • Mismatched inventory icons for 2hVoidGauntletAbyssalT5.
  • Several Housing Items’ icon are displayed as a placeholder
  • Interactable Young Tree is missing its model near the second barrel defense puzzle in Dynasty Shipyard
  • Moonless Night Void Gauntlet shares its name with a Named Sword
  • Pulse VFX freezes on compass markers
  • Sword and Shield users can never see their true attribute totals in the Inventory.
  • Images for tradeskills in crafting and refining station banners only update in English
  • Character rotation from the dye menu stays after closing it
  • Various pattern descriptions have a double “to”.
  • Earthshell Turtle SFX is too quiet and unnoticeable compared to other magical critters.
  • The center fire VFX of some of the Fire Staffs are slightly off center from the head of the staff.
  • Concentration extends past Tooltip border for Void Gauntlets when Language is set to Italian.
  • The MTX Jester’s Delight chest clips through players legs and itself when crouched.
  • Elemental gem VFX are missing on certain Ancient Elite weapons.
  • Honing Stone consume animation does not match several weapons.
  • The Voracious Blade tool tip in the Trading Post is difficult for players to understand.
  • The attributes weapons preview does not change information based on language.
  • Fresh water does not make water sounds when gathered from a body of water.
  • Toughened Leather Chest displays clipping issues in various animations
  • Trade Skill level requirements inconsistently display a plus symbol
  • Silkweave icon is inconsistent to other Cloth Weave icons.

All things quests and missions

  • Quest marker during Shrouded Intent ‘Visit an Outfitting Station’ points to a Woodshop instead.
  • Blank objective is added to the journal when traveling to Rabbit Island
  • The Well Guardian in The Motherwell POI can become stuck and not move into a retreating state.
  • All NPCs will have a Rewards section in their dialogue box if Users have quests that are ready for turn in.
  • During the Survivalist V2 quests, canceling the first interact with the Earth Patch IO will block future interaction attempts.
  • Talking to NPC while completing some crafting quest leads to softlock.
  • Estabanita gomes VO doesnt play for first dialog box when accepting Forging ahead quest
  • Green Quest Markers seem to Disappear and Reappear Inconsistently.
  • Watcher Recommended Level is lower than Thorpe’s.
  • Objective Markers prematurely vanish in Unsolved Mysteries.
  • Survivalist Odnell Lee’s VO does not match the text when accepting the quest “Opening Supply Lines.”
  • Cornil Reynolds, Edengrove Watcher is missing VO and has no lipsync during “Down Reekwater Way” quest.
  • Root cause issue with options saving that causes extra saves to happen on client startup
  • All NPCs can get stuck in goodbye animation.
  • Constable Saville refers to Estebanita as Esteban.
  • Ingredients in a Pinned Recipe remain marked as “done” after player loses the items
  • Quest pins are missing when the player enters the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition for the quest “Saboteur.”
  • Hugues Ducquet NPC has no audio during its VO animations.
  • Edith Perchal VO stops in the middle of the sentence.
  • Artificer Gomes does not speak during @NPC_DefaultDialogue_1205_01_Artificer.
  • Recommended Level in Accept Quest dialogue persists when accepting a new quest.
  • Idle VO stops playing when speaking to barkeep Geertie Lother in Monarchs Bluffs after side quest completion
  • Ancient Map asset loses textures after interaction during Hope Springs Eternal quest.
  • Nekumanesh and Barkimedes quest pins appear off to the side of the map
  • The Heavy Satchel quest item for the quest ‘Forging Ahead’ can be discarded and disappear.
  • Faction Hunt Missions poorly outline Objective Locations
  • Juice will play their full VO before players progress text boxes during quest completion
  • The Quest A Pirates Life is missing its POI Compass Highlight


  • Player is unable to join Expeditions after exiting a different one until world was rebooted
  • Navmesh is being generated in the sky causing AI to potentially spawn in the sky in Dynasty Shipyard
  • Thorpe’s group wipe attack does not consistently deal damage in The Depths
  • Thorp’s Subtitle still refers to him as Captain in The Depths
  • Sometimes, Groups do not enter expeditions and certain UI elements shift as if they have.
  • Enemy AI O’Dus does not recover health after a group respawn in Garden of Genesis
  • Charge GA or Burnout FS can be used to bypass triple-laser walls inside Starstone Barrows.
  • Purifying Flame interact points in Garden of Genesis are inconsistently displaying “Requires a purifying flame”
  • Various boss themes do not play on repeated attempts of their fights.
  • Boss music does not play after death in Dynasty Shipyard
  • All Area and Standard Battle Music stops playing after player enters the Bathe Chambers in Lazarus Instrumentality.
  • Energy Portal VFX popping in the Depths
  • Placed powder kegs visually reverse back to blueprints after leaving their aoi in Dynasty Shipyard.
  • Archdeacon’s Doors will briefly display as open when resetting in The Depths.
  • The Player has option to join ongoing expedition from another dungeon entrance.
  • A fallen pillar inside Thorpe’s arena in The Depths is missing Navmesh.
  • Can’t leave expedition from game menu or map because indefinite in-combat warning. “You can leave in [00:00:00]”
  • Battle music plays while Cilla is dormant in Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition
  • Lazarus AI sometimes trigger Battle Music inconsistently.
  • Battle music ends abruptly after defeating one enemy in a group in Amrine Excavation Expedition
  • Isabella does not lip-sync her dialogue during the boss intro in Dynasty Shipyard
  • One of Empress Zhao’s subtitles contains a typo in Dynasty Shipyard


  • Client crashes on hover for an edited linked item chat message.
  • Players are noticing sluggish response from Group chat when Global channel is recieving high numbers of messages.
  • Player’s name may not display properly when using special text characters
  • Sometimes player chat messages fail to appear in client chat log.
  • Expanding the chat widget does not allow players to type a message immediately.
  • Chat channel resets from party to global when player leaves or enters an expedition
  • Chat channel tags not always appearing on chat messages
  • Previous Direct Message still shows as valid recipient in chat after a Server Transfer.
  • Old Faction chat is visible on new characters if older character is deleted.
  • /help (or /?) displays emotes that you do not own

Companies, Factions, Groups (oh my!)

  • Names Abandoned via Company Renaming Are Held Indefinitely in Reserve
  • Company invite and friend invite went to another Character of the same Player after the build push.
  • Siege window uses 2 different time sources with no indication
  • Reward feed from completed Faction Missions shows the amount of Reputation and Tokens as doubled.
  • Sometimes when cursor is moved slowly to the next MTX company crest option, tooltip will not show.
  • Accepted Faction Missions change positions on the faction board when the player accepts a mission, accesses another settlement’s faction board, then returns to the original faction board.
  • Player model is invisible while in the faction mission menu
  • Scroll bar present in Faction Leader dialogue will cause Level Requirement to be cut off or not visible.
  • Some company crests appear to be off center.


  • Darkness Events in Great Cleave have more visibility than other regions.
  • Abandoning Event slate will sometimes appear in instances.


  • Certain Invasion AI can hit players through the Fort Gates.
  • Invasion Fire Cannon shots can hit players through the gate.
  • The summoning portal during Invasion does not render when viewed from the fort.
  • Player to Player Trading and Trading Post
  • Expired buy orders look like completed orders.
  • Transactions can fail across hub borders
  • Players can spam players with audio SFX by buying items one at a time off of the trading post.
  • Fonts looks truncated for One handed and Two handed weapons in Spanish in the Trading Post categories.

Outpost Rush

  • Players can attack the Baroness Hain boss from the rocks surrounding her arena
  • Players can miss teleporting into an Outpost Rush match if a crafting station is upgraded.
  • Upgrading Command Posts does not change its structure in Outpost Rush.
  • LOD Moss texture pops in as the player changes camera angle in OutpostRush.
  • Explosive Turrets in Outpost Rush lack messaging that explains how to control them and can be killed while unclaimed.
  • Darkness Portal in Outpost Rush constantly displays breaking VFX


  • Sometimes rally point’s flag has a red ‘Replace me’ texture when the server is restarted before the War begins.
  • Player is unable to use the armory or go through the camp gate after spawning in war
  • There is no messaging about the cost for declaring war until the last page of war declaration process.
  • Player clips into Oil Dropper and Horn of Resilience when in use.
  • Players sometimes cannot access the War Board to sign up for a war in a settlement.
  • Players are not refunded coin used to declare war when war is disabled on the server
  • Repeater Turrets Aiming Reticle does not Align with Hitscan Functionality.
  • Fire from partially destroyed turrets disappears when coming in close range with them.
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If you left a negative Steam review, you should be BANNED from New World
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