Known Issues - Brimstone Sands

Greetings Adventurers!

There’s going to be issues that pop up while we are actively developing and breaking things within New World. These are some of the Known Issues that we are currently aware of and actively working on resolving.

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If we have any workarounds for a known issue, it will be posted here!


  • Unable to switch Factions? You will need to have completed the respective Faction Initiation Quests in Everfall.
  • Make sure you complete the questline “A Selfless Nature” up to receiving the Tier 5 Azoth staff before proceeding back to Brimstone Sands
    Note: do not proceed to Brimstone Sands until you receive that T5 Azoth staff. For those of you who did, we are working on a fix.

Notable Issues

  • Turkulon occasionally becomes invisible when there are a large number of players, but is still able to be attacked and defeated.
  • Some housing items are out of the housing bounds and unaccessible.
  • The Journal occasionally becomes unaccessible after completing the quest ‘Head of the Snake’. Completing this quest should resolve the issue.
  • Runeglass Carnelian Gems may not taunt properly. Threat generation is not affected.
  • Barkimedes quests are currently disabled.
  • Crafting gear that modifies additional crafting chance is not working.
  • L60 Expeditions not dropping 590+ GS loot.
  • Players unable to progress past Selfless Nature.
  • Players unable to progress past Blossoming Threat.
  • Upon opening OPR Caches, item notifications are duplicated. This is purely a UI issue.
  • During the quest “Trial of the Heartforge”, the Heartforge Guardian isn’t spawning (Workaround: Try abandoning the quest and re-taking it).
  • Some quests that require crafted items are not progressing after crafting the item(s).


  • Swamp Dryad Beast buff is not cleansed by any of the arena totems.
  • Players are able to Join Brimstone Sands War & Invasion if they don’t have the pre-requisites to survive in Brimstone Sands.
  • Players can get in a bad animation state when dying mid-cast with Life Staff.
  • Player speed and zoom will break if teleporting with various ADS (For translation: Aim Down Sights) abilities active.

All Things Combat

  • Animation Canceling Void Blade Heavy Attack causes movement snapping.
  • Weapon Elemental Chain Perk Does Not Explain Incompatibility With Gems
  • Claw Shot chain visual effects do not disappear properly if the ability is immediately cancelled
  • When close to an enemy, Blunderbuss’ Splitting Grenade has a grenade explode out of sync
  • Weapon swapping when landing can cause current weapon to have secondary weapon unsheathe animation
  • Players can use the inventory to enter an unarmed attack pattern
  • Riposte ability is inconsistent when deflecting different projectiles.
  • Essence Rupture upgrade, Overflowing Essence, doesn’t trigger if the enemy dies before the debuff ends
  • Shirking Energy perk only updates and changes perk when Heavy Legs are removed/bought/sold from Trading Post
  • Great Axe skill Maelstorm with Absorb passive can absorb friendly/ neutral Musket and Blunderbuss projectiles.
  • Great Axe skill Maelstorm with Absorb passive can stop friendly Ice Spikes’s Ice Gauntlet ability.
  • Ice shower slices can become disjointed by friendly/neutral maelstrom.
  • Using Potion with Ice gauntlet equipped and attacking causes player body to flicker and model corruption after weapon swap
  • Ice Gauntlet: Attacking the same target as “Ice Pylon” ability prevents mana regeneration being granted by “Gathering Storm” ability.
  • Camera behaves unusually when going prone after firing Poison Shot
  • Blunderbuss Claw Shot’s Chain Disappears When Pulling to a Target
  • Mortar Charge consumes an extra charge when low on ammo
  • On occasion the Blunderbuss Mastery Claw Shot’s pull is not cancled by left mouse button
  • Light Staff skills are still being cast on dead Players in group mode despite the prompt saying otherwise.
  • Ice Spikes will sometimes not load the visual effects for the large ice spike if the caster uses left mouse button at a specific time.
  • Player can loop pulling out and putting away their musket while prone.
  • Some Hatchets don’t spin along with the visual effects angle.
  • Players petting an animal can bypass the collision and get pushed into it by using Weapon Masteries such as “Incinerate" or "Wind Chill’.
  • Going prone while firing Penetrating Shot can consume the arrow without using the ability
  • Bow’s normal attack projectiles have inconsistent spawning position
  • Barnacles and Black Powder Lightning Strike from enemies is missing visual effects
  • Player Can Be Indefinitely Held in World When in Combat
  • Certain skills are not dealing damage to the vines in Learn Soulwardens quest.
  • Players cannot animation cancel when going from prone to standing
  • Void Blade can desync when heavy attacking through collision at certain ranges.
  • When Activate Void Blade + Oblivion, Sometimes Doesn’t Activate Void Blade, Shoots Light Instead
  • Leaping Strike Desync Positional Rollback Sometimes Teleports Player.
  • When on/next to uneven ground and using Voidblade to attack, causes player to snap afterwards
  • Players sometimes experience stuttering when using Great Axe Whirlwind followed by Maelstrom at high RTT.
  • Player Slides when moving camera during Spear ability Perforate
  • Positional desync and stutters occurs when using Heavy Attack with Void Blade while moving camera
  • Player desyncs positionally when moving camera while using Hatchet ability Raging Torrent
  • Attacking immediately after being hit while in inventory causes desync
  • Certain abilities inaccurately display on or off cooldown with high lag
  • Positional desync can occur using certain Life Staff abilities
  • Using abilities right as logging completes will put the ability on cooldown but not use it
  • Riposte ability sometimes fails to activate properly causing it to not Prevent Damage and not Stun Enemies.
  • Animation Desync when moving out of Void Gauntlet Petrifying Scream ability.
  • Player can occasionally swing their other weapon instead of Great Axe if swap and attack keys are rapidly pressed
  • Void Blade when deactivating during migration, can cause stutter and desync
  • Player Positionally Desyncs when using Great Axe Charge into a stun
  • Small Positional Desync when using some Melee attacks with Movement or Camera Movement.
  • Positional snapping desyncs when fighting multiple mobs.
  • Player desyncs positinally when hit with Ice Gauntlet Mastery Wind Chill when using abilities that provide movement
  • Rapier Mastery Riposte can cause the player to positionally desync
  • Player desyncs positionally with Spear Mastery Skewer and Vault Kick after using a Heavy Attack
  • Desync can occur with Hatchet light attacks.

All Things Crafting, Gathering and Items

  • Some rare trophy drops share loot buckets with other items, making them difficult for players on live to obtain.
  • Desert Rose Prismablooms do not give players a chance to obtain Turquoise Pigment.
  • Tooltip of the equipped weapon appears when clicking on right third of the “craft” button in workshop.
  • Extra legendary weapons appear in UI when opening Outpost Rush caches
  • Players cannot dye the Orichalcum kite shield
  • Weapons UI tooltips visible during crafting.

All Things Quests and Missions

  • Green faction quest markers move back over quest POI after OPR
  • In Search of Plunder quest does not give ring
  • Multiline NPC Names cause overflow
  • Map Pin needs to prioritize over side quests in Cleaves Points for Strider of the Sands.
  • Players receive more XP than advertised as reward for Tremors in the Sand.
  • Corruption point of interests are missing visual model


  • A mutation Combustible Void does not damage AI’s.
  • Pause menu tooltips do not repopulate immediately after players leave to main menu and return to the game.
  • Isabella does not lip-sync her dialogue during the boss intro in Dynasty Shipyard.
  • Parties that leave a Boss Arena before the walls go up are penalized 1000pts.
  • Elemental Resistance Mutators not showing visual for reducing damage
  • Boss music does not play after death.
  • All Area and Standard Battle Music stops playing after player enters the Bathe Chambers in Lazarus Instrumentality.
  • The Admiral Sharpshooter’s gunfire audio sounds distant in Barnacles and Black Powder
  • Gate at “Hold out against the Corrupted” objective can be seen stuttering.
  • Void Destroyer Beam visual effects will not work correctly when Players holding the bubble are in motion.
  • Rank UI for level 10 mutators disappear upon force quitting the game
  • The UI bar for Weary will visually regress and appear segmented.
  • Blowback tracking bar sometimes disappears
  • Difficulty banner displays twice when entering an expedition with mutators enabled.
  • Greenskeeper AOE attack’s VFX can remain on the ground if players immediately give up after being downed
  • Off centered Ennead Mutator Expedition reward banner
  • Admiral Blackpowder’s Cannon Waves are unaffected by Gear Score Scaling.
  • While carrying the purifying flame in genesis if players use the store gallop emote then they can use abilities and keep the staff.
  • Giant bed of coal as a torch lacks ambient sound effects while other smaller torches have ambient sound effects


  • Speech to Text does not function consistently when players leave a group.
  • Chat channel tags not always appearing on chat messages


  • Hitching at the start of Darkness Events after a fresh client launch
  • Moonlight flickering rapidly near Rattlevine Ridge
  • Darkness event music does not play when player moves from one darkness event to another before abandon event timer expires.


  • Placing an Inferno Trap during an Invasion can sometimes cause the inventory to stutter while opening.
  • In progress Invasions display that their siege date is December 31st on the map
  • Invasion Bosses can clip through the gates
  • Player can sign up and join an ongoing Invasion after being AFK kicked.
  • Invasion Bear will sometimes become unresponsive and not attack anything.
  • UI goes off the screen when Player interacts with structures hard point while using abilities.

Player to Player Trading and Trading Post

  • Trades do not work after a Transfer until the player relogs.
  • Trading post “Avail.” column shows amount owned
  • Spaces in Trading Post Filter Search cause search to check for items containing either word
  • Cancel button can be selected in Trading Post after purchasing an item
  • Shattered Mountain trading post keeps closing on its own while player is browsing.
  • During player to player trade players can shuffle back and forth.
  • Players are met with an obsolete error message when simultaneously using the trading post and accepting a performance invite
  • Trading post is resetting to top of list after fulfilling a sell order.
  • Attributes are still included in the trading post perks filters.
  • Items that can be used but not equipped show when the can equip filter is selected in the trading post UI.
  • Runestone Stopwatch component list on the trading post has incorrect icon.

Outpost Rush

  • Sometimes friendly Summons in Outpost Rush display a red nameplate.
  • Players can be prompted to respawn in random location during OPR
  • Lag in OPR causes items picked up while dying to be kept upon respawn.
  • Explosive Turrets in Outpost Rush lack messaging that explains how to control them and can be killed while unclaimed.


  • Moving players around in a party from the raid/army menu (L) can break the display of the group HUD in the top left.
  • Players experiencing low FPS in settlements without concurrent high CPU/GPU usage
  • Wars sometimes fail to reschedule.
  • War Repeater Turrets Aim has a slight offset - Shots hit lower than center of reticle.
  • Players movement is frozen when attempting to play Siege weaponry after quick turning movement
  • Players can get confused in war when transitioning from attacking capture points to the gates.
  • War Gates have extended damageable areas
  • Players will execute a light attack after exiting turret if exit and fire inputs occur on the same frame.
  • Siege Supply Generators never pass 300 and do not stop generating resources.
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